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(This page is incomplete. Only Table 1, Nations of the World (with capitals and major subdivisions) is complete. Tables 3 and 5 are perhaps 3/4 complete; Table 2, perhaps 1/3. Table 4 is completely blank, save for the headings. Once the text is filled in, I may add illustrations for visual interest and to add information.)


 If the spelling of English is reformed, the names of many places will look very different from the way they now appear, in Traditional Orthography ("T.O."). Just as no thoroughgoing spelling reform can succeed if personal names are left chaotically spelled — some being, happenstantially, Fanetik but others being spelled very unphonetically indeed, in many cases for following the phonetic rules of the non-English language they originated in — we cannot operate efficiently if we have rationally spelled text in which appear irrationally spelled place names.

The point of an alphabet is to convey sound. Not sense, not history, not tradition, not continuity with the past — not anything else. Just sound. To the extent we can add information without losing sound, that's fine. But alphabetic writing must convey sound unambiguously. So place names must be phoneticized.

Here, then, are tables of well-known place names, phoneticized. The first column presents the current spelling (T.O.); the second, Fanetik, the way most people would write it for most practical purposes; the third, the Augméntad Fanétik spelling, which would be used in teaching English, in dictionary pronunciation keys, and as an alternate way of writing to indicate syllabic stress for people who might not know it — in the same way that we now distinguish between homophones in speech by spelling things aloud: "No. Not T-H-E-I-R. T-H-E-R-E."

The first table is nations of the world, with major subdivisions in some cases (e.g., Siberia in Russia, Bavaria in Germany) and the capital city (or cities) shown with a star (« ). The second table presents world cities. The third, States and territories of the United States, Canada, and Australia, and the major divisions of Britain and Ireland. The fourth table transliterates the names of well-known localities in the major English-speaking countries. And the fifth converts the names of the oceans and seas, major rivers, lakes, mountains, and other physical features.

I have no Fanetik-savvy proofreader to help with this page, so if you spot mistakes, please let me know.

Respelling these place names was a revelation for me, because I had been reading many wrong all these many years. This exercise brought home forcefully how preposterous and useless present spelling is in telling us how to pronounce unfamiliar names. — L. Craig Schoonmaker, New York, March 3, 1999

Table 1.
Nations of the World
(with well-known subdivisions in some cases)
(Capital(s) shown with « )

 Standard Spelling (T.O.) Fanetik Augméntad Fanétik
Afghanistan Aafgaanistaan Aafgáanistaan
   « Kabul    « Kobool (NOT Kabool)    « Kóbool (NOT Kabóol)
Albania Aalbaeneeya Aalbáeneeya
   « Tirane    « Teerona    « Teeróna
Algeria Aaljeereeya Aaljéereeya
   « Algiers    « Aaljeerz    « Aaljéerz
Andorra Aandaura Aandáura
   « Andorra la Vella    « Aandaura loq Velya    « Aandaura loq Vélya
Angola Aanggoela Aanggóela
   « Luanda    « Luewonda    « Luewónda
Antigua and Barbuda Aanteega aand Borbueda Aantéega aand Borbúeda
   « St. John's    « Saent Jon'z    « Saent Jón'z
Argentina Orjenteena Orjentéena
   « Buenos Aires    « Bwaenas Ieras (NOT Bwaenas Aireez)    « Bwáenas Íeras (NOT Bwáenas Áireez)
   Gran Chaco Gron Choko Gron Chóko
   Pampas Pompaz Pómpaz
Armenia Ormeeneeya Orméeneeya
   « Yerevan    « Yeravon    « Yeravón
Australia Austrailya Austráilya
Canberra    « Kaanbera    « Káanbera
Austria Austreeya Áustreeya
   « Vienna    « Veeyena    « Veeyéna
Azerbaijan Aazerbiejon Àazerbiejón
   « Baku    « Boku    « Bokú
Bahamas Bahomaz Bahómaz
   « Nassau    « Naasau    « Náasau
Bahrain Boraen Boráen
   « Manama    « Manoma    « Manóma
Bangladesh Bongladesh, Bonggladesh Bongladésh, Bonggladésh
   « Dacca / Dhaka    « Daaka / Doka    « Dáaka / Dóka
  Note: South Asian preference seems to be NOT to insert a hard-G in Bangladesh: Bong-la-désh. And the two spellings of the capital (Dacca and Dhaka) do NOT correlate with the two different pronunciations (Dáaka and Dóka). Either spelling goes with either pronunciation.
Barbados Borbaedoes Borbáedoes
   « Bridgetown    « Brijtoun    « Bríjtoun
Belarus Belarues Belarúes
   « Minsk    « Minsk    « Minsk
Belau (also Palau) Balou (Palou) Balóu (Palóu)
Belgium Beljam Béljam
   « Brussels    « Brusalz    « Brúsalz
Belize Baleez Baléez
   « Belmopan    « Belmoepaan    « Belmoepáan
Benin Beneen Benéen
   « Porto-Novo (official), Cotonou (de facto)    « Paurto Noevo, Koetanu    « Páurto Nóevo, Koetanú
Bhutan Bueton Buetón
   « Thimphu, Thimbu    « Timpu, Tthimbu, Timbu    « Timpú, Tthímbu, Timbú
Bolivia Baliveeya Balíveeya
   « La Paz (administrative), Sucre (historic and judicial)    « La Poz, Suekrae    « La Póz, Súekrae
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bozneeya aand Hertsagoeveena (NOT Hertsagoevina) Bózneeya aand Hèrtsagoevéena (NOT Hèrtsagóevina)
   « Sarajevo    « Sorayaevo    « Sorayáevo
Botswana Botswona Botswóna
   « Gaberone    « Gobaroene    « Gobaróene
Brazil Brazil Brazíl
   « Brasilia    « Brazilya    « Brazílya
   Amazonia    Aamazoeneeya    Aamazóeneeya
   Bahia    Boqeeya    Boqéeya
Brunei Darussalam Brueni Doruesolom, Bruenae Doruesolom Bruení Dòruesalóm, Bruenáe Dòruesalóm
   « Bandar Seri Begawan    « Bunder Sere Bagowan    « Búnder Sére Bagówan
Bulgaria Bulgaireeya Bulgáireeya
   « Sofia    « Soefeeya    « Sóefeeya
Burkina Faso Berkeena Foso Berkéena Fóso
   « Ouagadougou    « Wogaduegu    « Wogadúegu
Burma / Myanmar Berma / Mieyonmor Bérma / Mieyónmor
   « Rangoon / Yangon    « Raangguen / Yaanggon    « Raanggúen / Yaanggón
Burundi Booroondee Booróondee
   « Bujumbura    « Buejamboora    « Bùejambóora
Cambodia Kaamboedeeya Kaambóedeeya
   « Phnom Penh    « Panom Pen    « Panòm Pén
Cameroon Kaameruen Kaamerúen
   « Yaoundé    « Yaquendae    « Yaqúendae
Canada Kaanada Káanada
   « Ottawa    « Otawa, Otawoq    « Ótawa, Ótawoq
Cape Verde Kaep Vairde Kaep Váirde
   « Praia    « Prieya    « Príeya
  Note: Dictionaries give the pronunciation "Kaep Verd". I reject this as a hopelessly ignorant and unnecessarily extreme anglicization. In Portuguese "verde" ('green') is two syllables: vairda in Portugal, vairje in Brazil. At worst, this country's name would intelligently be anglicized as "Kaep Vérde", but I recommend "Kaep Vairde".
Central African Republic Sentral Aafrikan Reepublik Séntral Áafrikan Reepúblik
   « Bangui    « Bongge    « Bonggé
Chad Chaad Chaad
   « N'Djamena    « Injamaena    « Injamáena
  Note: The N in N'Djamena is syllabic, that is, a nasal N sound that stands in a syllable to itself. Speakers of English will hear this syllable as being something like the word "in". See "Mbabane" at "Swaziland".
Chile Chile (NOT Cheelae) Chíle (NOT Chéelae)
   « Santiago    « Saanteeyogo, Sonteeyogo    « Saanteeyógo, Sonteeyógo
  Note: The traditional and Fanetik spellings of Chile are identical, one more proof (if more were needed) that, despite its seeming radically different look, Fanetik derives from traditional ways of spelling English, but makes them consistent.
China[Laung ro uv porkt biesikalz, Chiena] Chiena Chíena
   « Beijing / Peking    « Baejing / Paeking / Peeking    « Baejíng / Paekíng / Peekíng
   Fukien / Fujian    Fuekyen / Fuejon    Fúekyen / Fúejon
   Canton / Kwangtung / Guangdong    Kaanton / Kwaangtoong / Gwongdaung    Káanton / Kwaangtoong / Gwongdaung
   Hong Kong    Hong Kong    Hóng Kong
   Hunan    Huenon    Húenon
   Manchuria    Maanchueereeya    Maanchúeereeya
   Szechwan / Sichuan    Sechwon / Seechwon    Séchwon / Séechwon
   Sinkiang (Uighur)    Shinjeeyong Weeger    Shínjeeyòng (Wéeger)
   Tibet    Tibet    Tibét
  Note: Although some people prefer to think of Tibet as a country to itself rather than a region of China, it is de facto part of China now (March 1999). At least current English usage is to preserve the name "Tibet" rather than adopt the Chinese designation Xizang (Shèezóng).
   Yunnan    Yoonon    Yoonón
Colombia Kaloembeeya (NOT Kalumbeeya) Kalóembeeya (NOT Kalúmbeeya)
   « (Santafé de) Bogotá    « (Sonta fae dae) Boegatoq    « (Sònta fáe dae) Boegatóq, Bóegatoq
Comoros Komaroez Kómaròez
   « Moroni    « Mauroene    « Mauróene
Congo Konggo Kónggo
   « Kinshasa (formerly, Leopoldville), Dem. Rep. of the Congo    « Kinshosa (Leeyapoeldvil)    « Kinshósa (Léeyapoeldvìl)
Costa Rica Kosta Reeka, Koesta Reeka Kósta Réeka, Kóesta Réeka
   « San Jose    « Saan Hoezae, Son Hoesae    « Saan Hoezáe, Son Hoesáe
Côte d'Ivoire / Ivory Coast Koet d'Eevwor / Ievare Koest Koet d'Eevwor / Ievare Koest
   « Yamoussoukro (official), Abidjan (administrative)    « Yomasuekro, Aabijon    « Yomasúekro, Aabijón
  Note: The government of the Ivory Coast has pretentiously declared that it is to be known by the French name Côte d'Ivoire even in English. Speakers of English have no reason whatsoever to pay any heed to such pretentiousness but should feel perfectly free to call this tiny country "Ivory Coast", inasmuch as "Côte d'Ivoire" merely MEANS "Ivory Coast", so there is no violence to sense in using the English.
Croatia Kroewaesha Kroewáesha
   « Zagreb    « Zogreb    « Zógreb
Cuba Kyueba Kyúeba
   « Havana    « Havaana    « Haváana
Cyprus Siepras Síepras
   « Nicosia    « Nicaseeya    « Nicaséeya
  Note: In 1974 Turkey invaded Cyprus and militarily established what it has pretended since late 1993 is a separate country, the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" (Térkish Reepúblik uv Náurthern Síepras), but the United Nations has rejected that declaration of independence and declared that there is only one country in Cyprus. Of all the countries on Earth, only Turkey recognizes the independence of Northern Cyprus.
Czech Republic Chek Reepublik Chek Reepúblik
   « Prague    « Prog    « Prog
Denmark Denmork Dénmork
   « Copenhagen    « Koepanhogan, Koepanhaegan    « Kóepanhògan, Kóepanhàegan
   Faeroe Islands    Fairo Ielandz    Fáiro Íelandz
   Greenland / Kalaallit Nunaat    Greenland / Kalotleet Nuenot    Gréenland / Kalótleet Nuenót
  Note: The first word in the Eskimo / Inuit name for Greenland is spelled "Kalaallit", but Merriam-Webster's Tenth New Collegiate Dictionary says there is a T sound before the second L sound. Assuming this is not a typo that somehow got past Merriam-Webster's expert proofreaders, it would seem that whoever set up the system of writing Greenlandic Eskimo in the roman alphabet made at least one serious error.
Djibouti Jibuete Jibúete
   « Djibouti    « Jibuete    « Jibúete
Dominica Domineeka Dominéeka
   « Roseau    « Roezo    « Roezó
Dominican Republic Daminikan Reepublic Damínikan Reepúblic
   « Santo Domingo    « Saanto Daminggo, Sonto Daminggo    « Sáanto Damínggo, Sónto Damínggo
Ecuador Ekwadaur Ékwadaur
   « Quito    « Keeto    « Kéeto
Egypt Eejipt Éejipt
   « Cairo    « Kiero    « Kíero
El Salvador El Saalvadaur El Sáalvadaur
   « San Salvador    « Saan Saalvadaur    « Sàan Sáalvadaur
Equatorial Guinea Ekwataureeyal Gine Èkwatáureeyal Gíne
   « Malabo    « Malobo    « Malóbo
Eritrea Eritreeya Eritréeya
   « Asmara Osmora Osmóra
Estonia Estoeneeya Estóeneeya
   « Tallinn    « Tolin    « Tólin
Ethiopia Eettheeyoepeeya Èettheeyóepeeya
   « Addis Ababa    « Aadis Aababa    « Áadis Áababa
Fiji Feeje Féeje
   « Suva    « Sueva    « Súeva
Finland Finland Fínland
   « Helsinki    « Helsingke    « Hélsingke
France Fraans Fraans
   « Paris [Ork doo Treeyoemf, Paaris] Paaris Páaris
   Bora Bora    Baura Baura    Bàura Báura
   French Guiana    French Geeyaana / French Geeyona    Frènch Geeyáana / Frènch Geeyóna
      « Cayenne       « Kieyen, Kaeyen       « Kieyén, Kaeyén
   French Polynesia    French Polineezha    Frènch Pôlinéezha
   Guadeloupe    Gwodaluep    Gwodalúep
      « Basse-Terre       « Bos-Tair       « Bos-Táir
   Martinique    Mortineek    Mortinéek
      « Fort-de-France       « Faur-doo-fróns       « Faur-doo-fróns
   Mayotte    Mieyot    Mieyot
      « Mamoudzou       « Momuedzu       « Momúedzu
   Reunion    Reeyuenyan, Raeyuunyoenn    Reeyuenyan,Ràeyuunyóenn
      « Saint-Denis       « Saan Dane       « Sàan Dané
   Wallis and Futuna Islands    Wolis aand Fuetuena Íelandz    Wólis aand Fuetúena Íelandz
Gabon Gaboenn Gabóenn
   « Libreville    « Leebraveel    « Léebravil
Gambia, The Tha Gaambeeya Tha Gáambeeya
   « Banjul    « Bonjuel    « Bónjuel
Georgia Jaurja Jáurja
   « Tbilisi    « Tibileese, Tibleese    « Tibiléese, Tibléese
Germany Jermane Jérmane
   « Berlin (formal), Bonn (administrative, until mid-1999)    « Berlin, Bon    « Berlín, Bon
   Bavaria    Bavaireeya    Baváireeya
   Brandenburg    Braandanberg    Bráandanberg
   Prussia (historic; abolished 1947)    Prusha    Prúsha
   Rhineland    Rienlaand    Ríenlaand
   Saxony    Saaksane    Sáaksane
   Westphalia    Westfailya    Westfáilya
Ghana Gona Góna
   « Accra    « Akroq    « Akróq
Greece Grees Grees
   « Athens    « Aatthanz « Áatthanz[Portthanon, Aatthanz, Grees]   
Grenada Granaeda Granáeda
   « St. George's    « Saent Jaurj'az    « Saent Jáurj'az
Guatemala Gwotamola Gwotamóla
   « Guatemala City    « Gwotamola Site    « Gwótamòla Síte
Guinea Gine Gíne
   « Conakry    « Konakre    « Kónakre
Guinea-Bissau Ginee-Bisou Gìnee-Bisóu
   « Bissau    « Bisou    « Bisóu
Guyana Gieyaana Gieyáana
   « Georgetown    « Jaurjtoun    « Jáurjtoun
Haiti Haete Haete
   « Port-au-Prince    « Paurt-oe-Prins, Paurt-a-Prins    « Pàurt-oe-Príns, Páurt-a-Prìns
Honduras Hondueras Hondúeras
   « Tegucigalpa    « Tagueseegolpa    « Tagùeseególpa
Hungary Hunggare Húnggare
   « Budapest    « Buedapest    « Búedapest
Iceland Iesland Íesland
   « Reykjavik    « Raekyavik    « Ráekyavik
India Indeeya Índeeya
   « New Delhi    « Nu Dele    « Nu Déle
   Deccan    Dekan    Dekan
   Eastern / Western Ghats Eestern / Western Gots, Gauts Èestern / Wèstern Góts, Gáuts
Indonesia Indoeneezha Indoenéezha
   « Jakarta    « Jakorta    « Jakórta
Iran Eeron Eerón
   « Teheran    « Taeron    « Taerón
Iraq Eerok Eerok
   « Baghdad    « Baagdaad    « Báagdaad
   Babylon (ancient ruins)    Baabalon    Báabalòn
   Basra    Bozra    Bózra
   Mosul    Moesuel    Moesúel
   Nineveh (ancient ruins)    Ninava    Nínava
[Aseereeyan boq-rileef uv lieyanhunt]
   Shatt al Arab    Shot aal Aarab    Shòt aal Áarab
Ireland Ieyerland Íeyerland
   « Dublin    « Dublin    « Dúblin
Israel Izreeyal Ízreeyal
   « Jerusalem (official), Tel Aviv (the United States and some other countries do not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel because of its special place of esteem to Palestinians and Islam)    « Jeruesalam, Tel Aveev    « Jerúesalam, Tèl Avéev
   Judea    Juedeeya    Juedéeya
   Negev    Negev    Négev
   Samaria    Samaireeya, Samoreeya    Samáireeya, Samoreeya
Italy Itale Ítale
   « Rome    « Roem    « Roem
Jamaica Jamaeka Jamáeka
   « Kingston    « Kingstan    « Kíngstan
Japan[Jaapaneez pagoeda] Japaan Japáan
   « Tokyo    « Toekeeyo  
  Note: Perhaps the English pronunciation for the capital of Japan should be Toekyo, two syllables, not three, to align more closely with the Japanese, which approaches Taukyau from Toekyo. Toekeeyo is a spelling-pronunciation, since "Tokyo" is ambiguous. Had the word entered the English language written Tok-yo or Toek-yo, we would never have read it as three syllables.
Jordan Jaurdan Jáurdan
   « Amman    « Omon (NOT Amon)    « Ómon (NOT Amón)
Kazakhstan Kozokston Kozokstón
   « Almaty    « Olmate    « Ólmate
Kenya Kenya, Keenya, Kaenya Kénya, Kéenya, Káenya
   « Nairobi    « Nieroebe    « Nieróebe
Kiribati Keeribaas Kéeribaas
  Note: This is one of the all-time stupid renderings of a foreign word into English. Whoever proposed "Kiribati" for Kéeribaas, and whatever language watchdogs permitted that insane spelling into the language should be flogged.
Korea Kareeya Karéeya
   « Pyongyang (North Korea); Seoul (South Korea)    « Pyongyaang, Soel    « Pyongyáang, Soel
Kuwait Koowaet Koowáet
   « Kuwait    « Koowaet    « Koowáet
Kyrgyzstan Keergiston Kéergiston
   « Bishkek    « Bishkek    « Bishkék
Laos Loqoes Lóqoes
   « Vientiane    « Vyentyon    « Vyentyón
Latvia Lotveeya Lótveeya
   « Riga    « Reega    « Réega
Lebanon Lebanon Lébanon
   « Beirut    « Baeruet    « Baerúet
Lesotho Lasuetu Lasúetu
   « Maseru    « Mosaru    « Mosarú
Liberia Liebeereeya Liebéereeya
   « Monrovia    « Manroeveeya    « Manróeveeya
Libya Libeeya Líbeeya
   « Tripoli    « Tripale    « Trípale
Liechtenstein Liktenstien Líktenstien
   « Vaduz    « Voduets    « Vodúets
Lithuania Litthuewaeneeya Lìtthuewáeneeya
   « Vilnius    « Vilneeyoos    « Vílneeyoos
Luxembourg Luksamberg Lúksamberg
   « Luxembourg    « Luksamberg    « Lúksamberg
Macedonia Maasadoeneeya Màasadóeneeya
   « Skopje    « Skaupyeq    « Skáupyeq
Madagascar Maadagaasker Màadagáasker
   « Antananarivo    « Aantanaanareevo, Ontanonareevo    « Àantanaanaréevo, Òntanonaréevo
Malawi Malowe Malówe
   « Lilongwe    « Lilaungwae    « Liláungwae
Malaysia Malaezha Maláezha
   « Kuala Lumpur    « Kwola Loompoor    « Kwòla Loompóor
Maldives Mauldeevz Máuldeevz
   « Malé    « Molae    « Mólae
Mali Mole Móle
   « Bamako    « Baamako    « Báamako
Malta Maulta Máulta
   « Valletta    « Valeta    « Valéta
Marshall Islands Morshal Ielandz Mórshal Íelandz
   « Majuro    « Majuero (?)    « Majúero (?)
   Bikini    Bikeene    Bikéene
   Eniwetok    Eniweetok    Eniwéetok
   Kwajalein    Kwojalaen    Kwójalàen
Mauritania Mauritaeneeya Màuritáeneeya
   « Nouakchott    « Nuewokshot    « Nuewókshot
Mauritius Maurishas Mauríshas
   « Port Louis    « Paurt Luewis, Paurt Luewe    « Paurt Lúewis, Paurt Lúewe
Mexico Meksiko Méksiko

[Mieyan Peeramidz, Yuekaton, Meksiko]

   « Mexico City    « Meksiko Site    « Méksiko Síte
Micronesia Miekroeneezha Mìekroenéezha
Moldova Mauldoeva Mauldóeva
Monaco Monako Monako
Mongolia Monggoeleeya Monggóeleeya
   « Ulan Bator    « Uelon Botaur    « Úelon Bótaur
Morocco Maroko Maróko
   « Rabat    « Rabot    « Rabót
Mozambique Moezaambeek Moezaambéek
   « Maputo    « Mapueto    « Mapúeto
Myanmar (see Burma)    
Namibia Namibeeya Namíbeeya
   « Windhoek    « Vintqhook    « Víntqhook
Nauru Noqueru (NOT Nouru) Noqúeru (NOT Nóuru)
Nepal Napaul, Napol Napául, Napól
   « Katmandu, Kathmandu    « Kaatmaandu, Kotmondu    « Kaatmaandú, Kotmondú
Netherlands, The Tha Netherlandz Tha Nétherlandz
   « Amsterdam (royal and cultural); The Hague (governmental)    « Aamsterdaam, Tha Haeg    « Áamsterdàam, Tha Háeg
   Netherlands Antilles    Netherlandz Aantileez    Nétherlandz Aantíleez
      « Willemstad       « Vilamstot       « Vílamstòt
      Bonaire       Bonair       Bonáir
      Curacao       Kyoorasou       Kyóorasou
      Sint Eustatius       Sint Yuestaeshas       Sìnt Yuestáeshas
      Sint Maarten       Sint Mortan       Sìnt Mórtan
   Aruba    Arueba    Arúeba
New Zealand Nu Zeeland Nu Zéeland
   « Wellington    « Welingtan    « Wélingtan
   Cook Islands    Kook Ielandz    Kòok Íelandz
   Niue    Neeyuewae    Neeyúewae
   Tokelau    Toekalou    Tóekalou
Nicaragua Nikarogwa (NOT Neekarrogwoq) Nìkarógwa (NOT Nèekarrógwoq)
   « Managua    « Manogwa    « Manógwa
Niger Niejer Níejer
   « Niamey    « Nyomae    « Nyomáe
Nigeria Niejeereeya Niejéereeya
   « Abuja    « Abueja    « Abueja
Norway Naurwae Náurwae
   « Oslo    « Ozlo    « Ózlo
   Lapland    Laaplaand    Láaplaand
   Svalbard    Svolbor    Svólbor
   Spitsbergen    Spitsbergan    Spítsbergan
Oman Oemon Oemón
   « Muscat    « Muskaat    « Múskaat
Pakistan Paakistaan, Pokiston Páakistaan, Pókiston
   « Islamabad    « Islomabod    « Islómabod
Palau (also Belau) Palou (Balou) Palóu (Balóu)
Palestine Paalastien Páalastien
   « Gaza    « Goza    « Góza
Panama Paanamoq Páanamoq
   « Panama City    « Paanamoq Site    « Pàanamoq Síte
Papua New Guinea Popuewa Nu Gine Pòpuewa Nu Gíne
   « Port Moresby    « Paurt Maurzbe    « Pàurt Máurzbe
   Bougainville    Bueganvil    Búeganvìl
Paraguay Paaragwi, Paaragwae Páaragwì, Páaragwàe
   « Asunción    « Asuenseeyoen    « Asùenseeyóen
Peru Peru Perú
   « Lima    « Leema    « Léema
Philippines, The Tha Filipeenz Tha Fílipeenz
   « Manila    « Manila    « Maníla
Poland Poeland Póeland
   « Warsaw    « Waursau    « Wáursau
Portugal Paurchagal Páurchagal
   « Lisbon    « Lizban    « Lízban
   Macau (until 12/20/99, when it reverts to China)    Makou    Makóu
Qatar Koter Kóter
   « Doha    « Doehoq    « Dóehoq
Romania Roemaeneeya Roemáeneeya
   « Bucharest    « Buekarest    « Búekarest
   Moldavia    Moldaeveeya    Móldaeveeya
   Transylvania    Traansilvaeneeya    Tràansilváeneeya
   Wallachia    Wolaekeeya    Woláekeeya
Russia Rusha Rúsha
   « Moscow    « Moskou    « Móskou
   Kamchatka Peninsula    Kaamchotka Paninsyoola    Kaamchótka Panínsyoola
   Novaya Zemlya    Noevaya Zemleeyoq    Nóevaya Zemleeyóq
   Siberia    Siebeereeya    Siebéereeya
Rwanda Ruewonda Ruewónda
   « Kigali    « Keegole    « Keególe
St. Kitts and Nevis Saent Kits aand Neevis Sàent Kíts aand Néevis
   « Basseterre    « Bostair    « Bostáir
St. Lucia Saent Luesha Saent Lúesha
   « Castries    « Kaastreez    « Káastreez
St. Vincent and the Grenadines Saent Vinsant aand tha Grenadeenz Sàent Vínsant aand tha Grénadeenz
   « Kingstown    « Kingztoun    « Kíngztoun
Samoa Samoewa Samóewa
   « Apia    « Apeeya    « Apéeya
San Marino Saan Mareeno Sàan Maréeno
São Tomé and Principe Sou Tamae aand Prinsipa Sòu Tamáe aand Prínsipa
   « São Tomé    « Sou Tamae    « Sòu Tamáe
Saudi Arabia Saude / Soude Araebeeya Sàude / Sóude Aráebeeya
   « Riyadh    « Reeyod    « Reeyód
   Hejaz    Hejaaz    Hejáaz
   Nejd    Nejd    Nejd
Senegal Senagol, Senagaul Sénagol, Sénagaul
   « Dakar    « Dakor    « Dakór
Seychelles Saeshelz Saeshélz
   « Victoria    « Viktaureeya    « Viktáureeya
Sierra Leone Seeyaira Leeyoen Seeyàira Leeyóen
   « Freetown    « Freetoun    « Fréetoun
Singapore Singapaur Síngapaur
Slovakia Sloevokeeya Sloevókeeya
   « Bratislava    « Brotislova    « Bròtislóva
Slovenia Sloeveeneeya Sloevéeneeya
   « Ljubljana    « Leeyuebleeyona    « Leeyùebleeyóna
Solomon Islands Solaman Ielandz Sólaman Íelandz
   « Honiara    « Hoeneeyora    « Hòeneeyóra
   Guadalcanal    Gwodalkanaal    Gwòdalkanáal
Somalia Soemoleeya Soemóleeya
   « Mogadishu    « Mogadishu, Moegadeeshu    « Mogadíshu, Mòegadéeshu
South Africa Soutth Aafrica Soutth Áafrica
   « Pretoria (administrative), Cape Town (legislative), Bloemfontein (judicial)    « Pritaureeya, Kaep Toun, Bluemfontaen    « Pritáureeya, Káep Tòun, Blúemfontàen
KwaZulu / Natal KwoZuelu / Natol KwoZúelu / Natól
Spain Spaen Spaen
   « Madrid    « Madrid    « Madríd
Sri Lanka Sre / Shre Longka Srè / Shrè Lóngka
   « Colombo    « Kalumbo    « Kalúmbo
Sudan, The Tha Suedaan / Suedon Tha Suedáan / Suedón
   « Khartoum    « Kortuem    « Kortúem
Suriname Soorinom, Soorinoma, Soorinaam Sóorinom, Soorinóma, Sóorinaam
   « Paramaribo    « Paaramaarabo    « Pàaramáarabo
Swaziland Swozeelaand Swózeelàand
   « Mbabane    « Oombobone    « Oombobóne
  Note: The M in Mbabane is syllabic; that is, it is a nasal sound that is pronounced as a syllable to itself. No full vowel is really articulated before it; the OO sound I have supplied is closest to the sound a native speaker of English will hear. See "N'Djamena" at "Chad".
Sweden Sweedan Swéedan
   « Stockholm    « Stokhoelm    « Stókhoelm
Switzerland Switserland Swítserland
   « Bern    « Bern    « Bern
Syria Seereeya Séereeya
   « Damascus    « Damaaskas    « Damáaskas
Taiwan Tiewon Tiewón
   « Taipei    « Tiepae    « Tiepáe
Tajikistan Tajeekistaan Tajéekistàan
   « Dushanbe    « Dushonba    « Dushónba
Tanzania Taanzaneeya Tàanzanéeya
   « Dar es Salaam    « Dor es Salom    « Dòr es Salóm
   Zanzibar    Zaanzibor    Záanzibòr
Thailand Tielaand Tíelaand
   « Bangkok    « Baangkok    « Báangkok
Togo Toego Tóego
   « Lomé    « Loemae    « Loemáe
Tonga Tonga, Tongga Tónga, Tóngga
   « Nukualofa    « Nuekuewolaufa    « Nùekuewoláufa
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidaad aand Tabaego Trínidàad aand Tabáego
   « Port-of-Spain    « Paurt-uv-Spaen    « Pàurt-uv-Spáen
Tunisia Tueneezha Tuenéezha
   « Tunis    « Tuenis    « Túenis
Turkey Terke Térke
   « Ankara    « Aangkara    « Áangkara
   Anatolia    Aanatoeleeya    Àanatóeleeya
   Thrace    Tthraes    Tthraes
Turkmenistan Terkmenistaan, Tèrkmenistón Terkménistaan, Tèrkmenistón
   « Ashgabat    « Oshgabot    « Òshgabót
Tuvalu Tuevalu Túevalu
   « Funafuti    « Fuenafuete    « Fùenafúete
Uganda Yuegaanda, Uegonda Yuegáanda, Uegónda
   « Kampala    « Kompola    « Kompóla
Ukraine Yuekraen Yuekráen
   « Kiev    « Keeyef    « Kéeyef
United Arab Emirates Yoonietad Aarab Emarats Yooníetad Áarab Émarats
   « Abu Dhabi    « Obu Dobe    « Óbu Dóbe
   Dubai    Dubi    Dubí
   Sharjah    Shorja    Shórja
United Kingdom Yoonietad Kingdam Yoonìetad Kíngdam
   « London    « Lundan[Houzaz uv Porlamant, Lundan]    « Lúndan
   Anguilla    Aanggwila    Aanggwíla
   Bermuda    Bermyueda    Bermyúeda
   British Virgin Islands    British Verjin Ielandz    Brítish Vèrjin Íelandz
   Cayman Islands    Kaeman Ielandz    Kàeman Íelandz
   Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)    Faukland / Faulkland Ielandz (Eeslos Molveenos)    Fàukland / Fàulkland Íelandz (Éeslos Molvéenos)
   Gibraltar    Jibraulter    Jibráulter
   Montserrat    Montseraat    Mòntseráat
   Pitcairn Island    Pitkairn Ieland    Pìtkairn Íeland
   St. Helena    Saent Haleena    Sàent Haléena
   Tristan da Cunha    Tristan da Kuenya    Trìstan da Kùenya
   Turks and Caicos Islands    Terks aand Kaekas Ielandz    Tèrks aand Kàekas Íelandz
United States Yoonietad Staets Yoonìetad Stáets
   « Washington    « Woshingtan    « Wóshingtan]Yoonietad Staets Kaapital Bilding]
Uruguay Yooragwae, Yooragwi Yóoragwì, Yóoragwàe
   « Montevideo    « Montavidaeyo    « Mòntavidáeyo
Uzbekistan Oozbekistan Oozbékistàn
   « Samarkand    « Saamarkaand    « Sáamarkàand
Vanuatu Vonuewotu Vònuewótu
   « Port Vila    « Paurt Veela    « Pàurt Véela
Vatican City Vaatikan Site Vàatikan Síte
Venezuela Venazwaila Vènazwáila
   « Caracas    « Karokas    « Karókas
Vietnam Veeyetnom, Veeyetnaam Veeyetnóm, Veeyetnáam
   « Hanoi    « Haanoi, Hanoi    « Haanói, Hanói
Western Sahara (claimed and occupied by Morocco) Western Sahaara / Sahora Wèstern Saháara / Sahóra
Yemen Yaeman, Yeman Yáeman, Yéman
   « Sanaá, San'a    « Sanoq / Saanoq    « Sanóq / Sáana
Yugoslavia Yuegoesloveeya Yùegoeslóveeya
   « Belgrade    « Belgraed    « Bélgraed
Zambia Zaambeeya Záambeeya
   « Lusaka    « Lusoka    « Lusóka
Zimbabwe Zimbobwae Zimbóbwae
   « Harare    « Harorae    « Harórae

Table 2.
Major World Cities
(other than national capitals, which appear in Table 1, above.)
(See Table 4 for cities in the U.S., Canada, Britain, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand)

Note: Country appears in first column only, for information purposes only, inasmuch as country names have already been transliterated, in Table 1.
 Standard Spelling (T.O.) Fanetik Augméntad Fanétik
Acapulco, Mexico Okapoolko Òkapóolko
Adana, Turkey Odona Ódonoq
Aden, Yemen Aedan Áedan
Agra, India Ogra Ógra
Aguascalientes, Mexico Ogwoskoleeyentes Ògwoskoleeyéntes
Ahmadabad, India Omadabod Ómadabòd
Al Basrah, Iraq (see "Basra")
Aleppo, Syria Alepo Alépo
Alexandria, Egypt Aalagzaandreeya Àalagzáandreeya
Allahabad, India    
Amritsar, India Aamritser Aamrítser
Anshan, China    
Antioch (Antakya), Turkey    
Antofagasta, Chile    
Antwerp, Belgium Aantwerp Áantwerp
Archangel, Russia Orkaenjal Órkaenjal
Arequipa, Peru    
Astrakhan, Russia    
Aswan, Egypt    
Auckland, New Zealand Aukland Áukland
Bacalod City, The Philippines    
Baguio, The Philippines    
Bandung, Indonesia    
Bangalore, India Baangalaur  
Baotou, China    
Barcelona, Spain Borsaloena Bòrsalóena
Bari, Italy    
Baroda, India    
Barquisimeto, Venezuela    
Barranquilla, Colombia Baarankeeya Bàarankéeya
Basel, Switzerland    
Basra, Iraq Bosra, Bozra Bósra, Bózra
Beijing, China Baejing Baejíng
Belem, Brazil    
Belo Horizonte, Brazil    
Benghazi, Libya Benggoze Benggóze
Bergen, Norway Bergan Bérgan
Bhopal, India    
Bilbao, Spain    
Bologna, Italy Baloenya Balóenya
Bombay (Mumbai), India Bombáe  
Bordeaux, France Baurdo Baurdó
Botou, China    
Bremen, Germany    
Brisbane, Australia Brizban Brízban
Bulaweyo, Zimbabwe    
Bursa, Turkey    
Cagayan de Oro City, The Philippines    
Calcutta, India Kaalkuta Kaalkúta
Cali, Colombia Kole Kóle
Callao, Peru    
Caloocan City, The Philippines    
Cam Ranh, Vietnam    
Cape Town, South Africa Kaep Toun Káep Tòun
Caracas, Venezuela Karokas Karókas
Casablanca, Morocco    
Cebu City, The Philippines    
Chandigarh, India    
Changchun, China    
Chelyabinsk, Russia    
Chengdu, China    
Chiba, Japan    
Chihuahua, Mexico Chiwowa Chiwówa
Chittagong, Bangladesh    
Chongqing, China    
Christchurch, New Zealand Kriesqcherch Kríesqcherch
Ciudad Juárez, Mexico    
Cochabamba, Bolivia Koechabomba Kòechabómba
Coimbatore, India    
Cologne (Köln), Germany Kaloen (Koaln / Koeln) Kalóen (Koaln / Koeln)
Córdoba, Argentina Kaurdaba Káurdaba
Córdoba, Spain Kaurdaba Káurdaba
Cork, Ireland Kaurk Kaurk
Curitiba, Brazil    
Czestochowa, Poland    
Da Nang, Vietnam    
Dalian, China    
Davao City, The Philippines    
Delhi, India Dele Déle
Dneprpetrovsk, Ukraine    
Donetsk, Ukraine    
Dongguan, China    
Douala, Cameroon    
Dresden, Germany Drezdan Drézdan
Durban, South Africa Derban Dérban
Düsseldorf, Germany    
Ensenada, Mexico Ensanoda Ènsanóda
Esfahan, Iran    
Essen, Germany Esan Ésan
Faisalabad, Pakistan    
Fes (Fez), Morocco    
Florence (Firenze), Italy Florans (Feerentsae) Flórans (Feeréntsae)
Fortaleza, Brazil Faurtalaeza Fàurtaláeza
Frankfurt am Main, Germany Fraangkfert / Fronkfoort om Mien Fráangkfert / Frónkfoort om Míen
Fukuoka, Japan    
Fushun, China    
Gdansk, Poland    
Geneva, Switzerland Janeeva Janéeva
Genoa, Italy Jenoewa Jénoewa
Germiston, South Africa Jermistan Jérmistan
Giza, Egypt Geeza Géeza
Goiânia, Brazil    
Göteborg, Sweden    
Groznyy, Russia    
Guadalajara, Mexico Gwodalahora Gwòdalahóra
Guangzhou (Canton), China    
Guayaquil, Ecuador Gwieyakeel Gwìeyakéel
Guiyang, China    
Gujranwala, Pakistan    
Gwalior, India    
Haiphong, Vietnam    
Hamburg, Germany Haamberg, Homboorg Háamberg, Hómboorg
Hangzhou, China    
Hannover, Germany Haanoever Háanoever
Harbin, China Horbin, Horbeen Hórbin, Horbéen
Heidelberg, Germany Hiedalberg Híedalbèrg
Hermosillo, Mexico    
Hiroshima, Japan    [Obzervataure ruewin frum aatam-bom blaast]
Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), Vietnam Ho Che Min Site (Siegon) Hó Che Min Síte (Siegón)
Howrah, India    
Huainan, China    
Hue, Vietnam    
Hyderabad, India    
Hyderabad, Pakistan    
Ibadan, Nigeria    
Iloilo, The Philippines    
Inchon, South Korea Inchon Ínchon
Indore, India    
Iquitos, Peru Ikeetoes Ikeetoes
Irkutsk, Russia    
Istanbul, Turkey    
Izmir, Turkey    
Jaffna, Sri Lanka    
Jaipur, India    
Jerez de la Frontera, Spain Heres dae loq Froentaira Héres dae loq Froentáira
Jiddah, Saudi Arabia Jida Jída
Jilin, China    
Jinan, China    
Jodhpur, India Jodper, Jodpoor Jódper, Jódpoor
Johannesburg, South Africa Joehaanasberg Joeháanasberg
Kaesong, North Korea    
Kano, Nigeria    
Kanpur, India    
Kaosiung, Taiwan    
Karachi, Pakistan Karoche Karóche
Kawasaki, Japan    
Kazan, Russia Kazaan, Kazon Kazáan, Kazón
Khabarovsk, Russia    
Kharkov, Ukraine    
Kimberley, South Africa Kimberle Kímberlè
Kirkuk, Iraq    
Kisangani (formerly Stanleyville), Dem. Rep. of the Congo    
Kitakyushu, Japan    
Kobe, Japan    
Köln (Cologne), Germany Koaln, Koeln Koaln, Koeln
Krakow, Poland    
Krasnodar, Russia    
Krasnoyarsk, Russia    
Krivoy Rog, Ukraine    
Kunming, China    
Kwangju, South Korea    
Kyoto, Japan    
Lvov, Ukraine Lavov, Lavof Lavóv, Lavóf
Lagos, Nigeria Laegos / Laegoes (NOT Logoes) Láegos / Láegoes (NOT Lógoes)
Lahore, Pakistan Lahaur Laháur
Lanzhou, China    
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain    
Lausanne, Switzerland    
Leipzig, Germany    
Lodz, Poland    
Lublin, Poland    
Lubumbashi (formerly Elisabethville), Dem. Rep. of the Congo    
Lucknow, India    
Lyon, France    
Maastricht, The Netherlands    
Madras, India Madros Madrós
Magnitogorsk, Russia    
Makati, The Philippines    
Malmö, Sweden    
Manaus, Brazil    
Mandalay, Burma Mandalae Mandaláe
Manukau, New Zealand    
Maracaibo, Venezuela    
Marrakech, Morocco    
Marseille, France Morsae Morsáe
Mashhad, Iran    
Matamoros, Mexico    
Mazatlán, Mexico    
Mecca, Saudi Arabia Meka Méka
Medan, Indonesia    
Medellín, Colombia Medayeen Medayéen
Medina, Saudi Arabia Madeena Madéena
Mérida, Mexico    
Mexicali, Mexico    
Milan, Italy Milon Milón
Mombasa, Kenya    
Monterrey, Mexico Monterae Monteráe
Mosul, Iraq    
Multan, Pakistan    
Munich, Germany Myuenik Myúenik
Murmansk, Russia    
Nagano, Japan    
Nagasaki, Japan Naagasaake, Nogasoke Nàagasáake, Nògasóke
Nagoya, Japan Nagoiya Nagóiya
Nagpur, India    
Nanchang, China    
Nanjing (Nanking), China    
Naples (Napoli), Italy Naepoolz (Nopale) Náepoolz (Nópale)
Netzahaulcóyotl, Mexico    
Nice, France Nees Nees
Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia    
Novgorod, Russia    
Novosibirsk, Russia    
Nuevo Laredo, Mexico Nwaevo Laraedo Nwáevo Laráedo
Nürnberg (Nuremberg), Germany    
Odessa, Ukraine Oedésa Oedésa
Omsk, Russia    
Osaka, Japan    
Palembgang, Indonesia    
Palermo, Italy    
Panama City, Panama    
Paris, France    
Patna, India    
Perm, Russia    
Peshawar, Pakistan    
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa    
Pongxiang, China    
Poona, India    
Port Elizabeth, South Africa    
Port Harcourt, Nigeria    
Port Said, Egypt    
Porto (Oporto), Portugal Paurto (Oepaurto) Páurto (Oepáurto)
Porto Alegre, Brazil Paurto Alaegre Páurto Aláegre
Potsdam, Germany Potsdaam Potsdaam
Poznan, Poland    
Pristina (Kosovo), Yugoslavia    
Pskov, Russia    
Puebla de Zaragoza, Mexico    
Pusan, South Korea    
Qingdao (Tsingtao), China Chingdou (Tsingdou) Chíngdou (Tsíngdou)
Qiqihar, China    
Qom, Iran    
Quezon City, The Philippines    
Rawalpindi, Pakistan    
Recife, Brazil    
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil    
Rostov, Russia    
Rotterdam, The Netherlands Roterdaam Róterdaam
Ryazan, Russia    
Saint Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), Russia Saent Peeterzberg Sàent Péeterzberg
Salerno, Italy Salairno Saláirno
Saltillo, Mexico Saulteeyo Saultéeyo
Salvador, Brazil Saalvadaur Sáalvadaur, Saalvadáur
Samara, Russia    
San Luis Potosí, Mexico Son Luewees Poetoese Sòn Luewées Poetoesé
Santiago de Cuba, Cuba    
São Paulo, Brazil    
Sapporo, Japan Sapauro Sapáuro
Saragoza, Spain Soragoesa Sòragóesa
Saratov, Russia    
Sczcecin, Poland    
Semarang, Indonesia    
Sevastopol, Ukraine    
Seville, Spain Savil Savìl
Shanghai, China Shaanghi Sháanghi
Shaoxing, China    
Shenyang, China    
Shijiazhuang, China    
Shiraz, Iran    
Simferopol, Ukraine    
Smolensk, Russia    
Soweto, South Africa    
Srinigar, Kashmir, India    
Strasbourg, France    
Stuttgart, Germany    
Sucre, Bolivia    
Suez, Egypt Suewez Súewez
Surabaya, Indonesia    
T'ver, Russia    
Tabriz, Iran    
Taegu, South Korea    
Tai'an, China    
Tainan, Taiwan    
Taiyuan, China    
Tampico, Mexico Taampeeko Taampéeko
Tangier, Morocco Taanjeer Taanjéer
Tangshan, China    
Tarsus, Turkey Torsas Tórsas
Thon Buri, Thailand    
Tianjin (Tientsin), China    
Tijuana, Mexico Teehwona (commonly, but incorrectly, Teeyawona) Teehwóna (commonly, but incorrectly, Teeyawóna)
Timisoara, Romania    
Tlalnepantla de Galeana, Mexico    
Tomsk, Russia    
Toulouse, France    
Tripoli, Lebanon    
Turin, Italy    
Ufa, Russia    
Ujung Pandang, Indonesia    
Uppsala, Sweden    
Valencia, Spain    
Valencia, Venezuela    
Vallodolid, Spain    
Varanasi, India    
Venice (Venezia), Italy Venis (Vanetseeya) Vénis (Vanétseeya)
Veracruz, Mexico Veerakruez Vèerakrúez
Verona, Italy Veroena Veróena
Vladimir, Russia    
Vladivostok, Russia    
Volgograd (former Stalingrad), Russia Voelgagraad Vóelgagràad
Voronezh, Russia    
Wes-Rand, South Africa    
Wroclaw, Poland    
Wuhan, China    
Xi'an, China  
Yaroslavl, Russia    
Yekaterinburg, Russia    
Yokohama, Japan Yoekahoma Yòekahóma
Zacatecas, Mexico Zaakataekas, Sokataekas Zàakatáekas, Sòkatáekas
Zamboanga City, The Philippines    
Zaozhuang, China    
Zaporozh'ye, Ukraine    
Zhengzhou, China    
Zibo, China    
Zürich, Switzerland Zuerik, Tsuurik Zúerik, Tsúurik

Table 3.
Major Political Subdivisions of the Main English-Speaking Countries

 Standard Spelling (T.O.) Fanetik Augméntad Fanétik

Australia / Austráilya

States / Staets

New South Wales Nu Soutth Wailz Nù Soutth Wáilz
Queensland Kweenzland Kwéenzland
South Australia Soutth Austrailya Sóutth Austràilya
Tasmania Taazmaeneeya Taazmáeneeya
Victoria Viktaureeya Viktáureeya
Western Australia Western Austrailya Wéstern Austràilya
Territories / Téritàureez
Australian Capital Territory Austrailyan Kaapital Teritaure Austráilyan Káapital Téritàure
Northern Territory Naurthern Teritaure Náurthern Téritàure

Canada / Káanada

Provinces / Próvinsaz

Alberta Aalberta Aalbérta
British Columbia British Kalumbeeya Brìtish Kalúmbeeya
Manitoba Maanitoeba Màanitòeba
New Brunswick Nu Brunzwik Nu Brúnzwik
Newfoundland Nuefandland, Nuefoundlaand Núefandland, Nùefoundláand, Nuefóundland
Nova Scotia Noeva Skoesha Nòeva Skóesha
Ontario Ontaireeyo Ontáireeyò
Prince Edward Island Prins Edwerd Ieland Prìns Edwerd Íeland
Québec Kabek, Kweebek Kabék, Kweebék
Saskatchewan Saaskaachawon, Saaskaachawan Saaskáachawòn, Saaskáachawan
Territories / Téritàureez
Northwest Territories Naurtthwest Teritaureez Nàurtthwest Téritaureez
Nunavut Nuenavuet Núenavùet
Yukon Yuekon Yúekon

Ireland / Ieyerland

Traditional Provinces / Tradíshanal Próvinsaz

Connacht Konaut Kónaut
Leinster Lenster Lénster
Munster Munster Múnster
Ulster Ulster Úlster
Carlow Korlo Kórlo
Cavan Kaavan Káavan
Clare Klair Klair
Cork Kaurk Kaurk
Donegal Donigaul Dónigàul
Dublin Dublin Dúblin
Galway Gaulwae Gaulwae
Kerry Kere Kére
Kildare Kildair Kildáir
Kilkenny Kilkene Kilkéne
Leitrim Leetrim Léetrim
Leix / Laois / Laoighis Laeks / Laeyish / Laesh / Leesh (!) Laeks / Láeyish / Laesh / Leesh
Limerick Limerik Límerìk
Longford Laungfard Láungfard
Louth Loutth Loutth
Mayo Maeyo Máeyo
Meath Meetth, Meeth Meetth, Meeth
Monaghan Monagan, Monahan, Monahaan Mónagan, Mónahan, Mónahàan
Offaly Aufale, Ofale Áufale, Ófale
Roscommon Roskoman Roskóman
Sligo Sliego Slíego
Tipperary Tiperaire Tìperáire
Waterford Wauterfard, Woterfard Wáuterfard, Wóterfard
Westmeath Westmeetth, Westmeeth Wéstmeetth, Wéstmeeth
Wexford Weksfard Weksfard
Wicklow Wiklo Wíklo
Traditional Counties of Northern Ireland (not now used by the British as administrative districts) / Tradíshanl Kóunteez uv Nàurthern Íeyerland (not nou yuezd bi tha Brítish aaz aadmìnistráetiv dístrikts)
Antrim Aantrim Áantrim
Armagh Ormoq Ormóq
Down Doun Doun
Fermanagh Fermaana Fermáana
Londonderry Lundandere Lúndandère
Tyrone Tieroen Tieróen

United States of America / Yoonietad Staets uv Amairika

States / Staets

Alabama Aalabaama Àalabáama
Alaska Alaaska Aláaska
Arizona Aarizoena[Sidoena, Aarizoena dezert aand mountanz] Àarizóena
Arkansas Orkansau Órkansàu
California[Yoesemite Naashanal Pork, Naurthern Kaalifaurna] Kaalifaurnya Kàalifáurnya
Colorado Kolarodo, Kolaraado Kòlaródo, Kòlaráado
Connecticut Kanetikat Kanétikat
Delaware Delawair Délawàir
Florida Florida Flórida
Georgia Jaurja Jáurja
Hawaii / Hawai'i[Diemand Hed, Honaluelu, Hawieye] Hawieye, Hawie-e Hawíeye, Hawíe-e
Idaho Iedaho Íedaho
Illinois Ilinoi Ilinói
Indiana Indeeyaana Ìndeeyáana
Iowa Ieyawa Íeyawa
Kansas Kaanzas Káanzas
Kentucky Kantuke Kantúke
Louisiana Lueweezeeyaana Luewèezeeyáana
Maine Maen Maen
Maryland Maariland Máariland
Massachusetts Maasachuesats Màasachúesats
Michigan Mishigan Míshigan
Minnesota Minasoeta Mìnasóeta
Mississippi Misisipe Mìsisípe
Missouri Mizuere Mizúere
Montana Montaana Montáana
Nebraska Nabraaska Nabráaska
Nevada Navoda, Navaada Navóda, Naváada
New Hampshire Nu Haampsher Nu Háampsher
New Jersey Nu Jerze Nu Jérze
New Mexico Nu Meksiko Nu Méksikò
New York Nu Yaurk[Staachu uv Liberte, Nu Yaurk Horber] Nu Yáurk
North Carolina Naurtth Kaaraliena Náurtth Kàaralíena
North Dakota Naurtth Dakoeta Nàurtth Dakóeta
Ohio Oehieyo Oehíeyo
Oklahoma Oeklahoema Òeklahóema
Oregon Auragon, Auragan Áuragòn, Áuragan
Pennsylvania Pensalvaenya Pènsalváenya
Rhode Island[Tha Braekerz, Nuepaurt, Roed Ieland] Roed Ieland Ròed Íeland
South Carolina Soutth Kaaraliena Sóutth Kàaralíena
South Dakota Soutth Dakoeta Sòutth Dakóeta
Tennessee Tenase Tènasé
Texas Teksas Téksas
Utah Yuetoq [Maurman Tempal, Sault Laek Site, Yuetoq] Yúetoq
Vermont Vermont Vermónt[Kuverd brij]
Virginia[Mount Vernan (Woshingtan'z hoem), Verjinya] Verjinya Verjínya
Washington Woshingtan Wóshingtan
West Virginia West Verjinya Wèst Verjínya
Wisconsin Wiskonsin Wiskónsin
Wyoming Wieyoeming Wieyóeming
Non-state Territories / Nón-staet Téritàureez
District of Columbia Distrikt uv Kalumbeeya[Woshingtan Monyoomant, Reeflekting Puel] Dístrikt uv Kalúmbeeya
American Samoa Amairikan Samoewa Amáirikan Samóewa
Guam Gwom Gwom
Northern Mariana Islands, Commonwealth of the Naurthern Maareeyaana Ielandz, Komanweltth uv tha Náurthern Màareeyáana Íelandz, Kómanwèltth uv tha
Puerto Rico, Commonwealth of Pwairto Reeko / Paurto Reeko [pranounst Paurtareeko], Komanweltth uv Pwàirto Réeko / Páurto Réeko [pranounst Pàurtaréeko], Kómanwèltth uv
U.S. Virgin Islands Y.S. Verjin Ielandz Y.S. Vèrjin Íelandz

United Kingdom / Yooníetad Kíngdam

Major Geographic Divisions / Maejer Jeeyagraafik Divizhanz

Channel Islands Chaanal Ielandz Chàanal Íelandz
England Inggland[Tower uv Lundan] Ínggland
Isle of Man Ieyal uv Maan Ìeyal uv Máan
Northern Ireland Naurthern Ieyerland Nàurthern Íeyerland
[Baagpieper aand drumer]
Skotland Skótland
Wales Wailz Wailz[Welsh kaasal]
Counties of England / Kounteez uv Inggland
Avon Aevan, Aavan Áevan, Áavan
Bedfordshire Bedfardsheer / -sher Bédfardshèer / -sher
Berkshire[Windzer Kaasal, Borksher]    
Cambridgeshire    [Orch in Kaembrij]
East Sussex    
Hereford and Worcester    
Isle of Wight    
Isles of Scilly    
Lincolnshire  [Lingkan Kattheedral]  
London, Greater    [Touwer Brij, Lundan]
Manchester, Greater    
Sussex, East    
Sussex, West    
Tyne and Wear    
Warwickshire[Shaekspeer'z kotaj, Straatfard]    
West Midlands    
Wiltshire [Stoenhenj, Wiltsher]   
Yorkshire, North    
Yorkshire, South    
Yorkshire, West    

Former Kingdoms and Regions of Britain
(whose names do not survive in county names)

East Anglia    

[Map of England, 800 A.D.]

Table 4.
Well-Known Localities in the Major English-Speaking Countries

 Standard Spelling (T.O.) Fanetik Augméntad Fanétik

Table 5.
Major Geographic Features
(Continents, Oceans and Seas, Islands, Peninsulas,
Mountains, Rivers, Lakes)

 Standard Spelling (T.O.) Fanetik Augméntad Fanétik

Continents / Kóntinènts

Africa Aafrika Áafrika

   North America

   South America







Antarctica Aantorktika Aantórktika
Australia Austrailya Austráilya









Oceania Oesheeyaaneeya Òesheeyáaneeya

Oceans and Seas / Óeshanz aand Seez

Adriatic Sea Aedreeyaatik / Aadreeyaatik Àedreeyáatik / Àadreeyáatik
Aegean Sea Ijeeyan Ijéeyan
Andaman Sea Aandaman Áandaman
Arafura Sea Aarafoora Àarafóora
Arctic Ocean Orktik Orktik
Atlantic Ocean Aatlaantik Aatláantik
Baltic Sea Baultik Báultik
Bay of Bengal Bae uv Bengaul Bae uv Bengául
Bay of Biscay Bae uv Biskae / Biske Bae uv Bískae / Bíske
Bering Sea Bairing Báiring
Black Sea Blaak Blaak
Caribbean Sea Kaaribeeyan / Karibeeyan Kàaribéeyan / Karíbeeyan
Coral Sea Koral Kóral
East China Sea Eest Chiena Eest Chíena
Gulf of Mexico Gulf uv Meksiko Gulf uv Méksiko
Gulf of Carpentaria Gulf uv Korpantaireeya Gulf uv Kórpantáireeya
Gulf of Aden Gulf uv Aedan Gulf uv Aedan
Hudson Bay Hudsan Bae Húdsan Bae
Indian Ocean Indeeyan Oeshan Índeeyan Óeshan
Ionian Sea Ieyoeneeyan See Ieyóeneeyan See
Irish Sea Ierish See Ìerish See
Mediterranean Sea Mediteraeneeyan See Mèditeráeneeyan See
North Sea Naurtth See Naurtth See
Pacific Ocean Pasifik Oshan Pasífik Óshan
Persian Gulf / Sea of Arabia Perzhan Gulf / See uv Araebeeya Pérzhan Gulf / See uv Aráebeeya
Philippine Sea Filipeen See Fílipeen See
Red Sea Red See Red See
Sargasso Sea Sorgaaso See Sorgáaso See
Scotia Sea Skoesha See Skóesha See
Sea of Japan See uv Japaan See uv Japáan
Sea of Okhotsk See uv Oekotsk See uv Oekótsk
Solomon Sea    
South China Sea    
Sulu Sea    
Tasman Sea    
Tyrrhenian Sea    
Yellow Sea    


Alaska Peninsula    
Arabian Peninsula    
Asia Minor    
Baja California    
Balkan Peninsula    
Cape Cod    
Chukchi Peninsula    
Delmarva Peninsula    
Horn of Africa    
Iberian Peninsula    
Malay Peninsula    
Seward Peninsula    
Yucatan Peninsula    


Alexander Island    
Andros Island    
Anticosti Island    
Axel Heiberg Island    
Baffin Island    
Banks Island    
Borneo / Kalimantan    
Cape Breton    
Celebes / Sulawesi    
Ceylon / Lanka    
Christmas Island    
Devon Island    
Easter Island    
Ellesmere Island    
Galapagos Islands    
Grand Bahama    
Grand / Little Cayman    
Great Inagua    
Great Abaco    
Great Britain    
Isla de Margarita    
Isle Royale    
Lesbos / Lesvos    
Long Island    
Manitioulin Island    
Martha's Vineyard    
Melville Island  
Nantucket Island    
New Providence Island    
New Ireland    
New Britain    
New Caledonia    
New Guinea    
Nordaustlandet (Northeast Land, Svalbard, Norway)    
North Island    
Novaya Zemlya (northern island)    
Prince Edward Island    
Prince of Wales Island    
Puerto Rico    
Rhode Island    
Rhodes / Ródhos    
Santa Catalina    
Somerset Island    
South Island (New Zealand)    
Southampton Island    
St. Thomas    
St. John    
St. Croix    
Staten Island    
Tahiti Taheete Tahéete
Tierra del Fuego    
Vancouver Island    
Victoria Island    
Virgin Gorda    
Viri Levu    


Cerro / Mount Aconcagua    
Mount Ararat    
Mont Blanc  
Bunker Hill    
Mount Etna    
Mount Everest    
K2 (Mount Godwin Austen)    
Mount Kilimanjaro    
Matterhorn, The    
Mauna Kea    
Mauna Loa    
Lookout Mountain    
Mount McKinley / Denali    
Pikes Peak    
Mount Pinatubo    
Mount Rainier    
Mount St. Helens    
Mount Shasta    
Mount Vesuvius    
Mount Washington    
Mount Whitney    


Allegheny Aalagaene Àalagáene
Amazon Aamazon Áamazon
Amu Darya / Oxus Omu Dorya / Oksas Ómu Dorya / Óksas
Amur Omoor Omóor
Arkansas Orkaanzas, Orkansau Orkáanzas, Órkansau
Assiniboine Asinaboin Asínaboin
Brahmaputra Bromapuetra Bròmapúetra
Brazos Brozoes Bròzoes
Canadian Kanaedeeyan Kanáedeeyan
Charles Chorlz Chorlz
Churchill Cherchal Chérchal
Clyde Klied Klied
Colorado Kolarodo Kòlaródo
Columbia Kalumbeeya Kalúmbeeya
Congo / Zaire Kongo / Zoyeer Kóngo / Zoyéer
Danube Daanyueb Dáanyueb
Darling Dorling Dórling
Delaware Delawair Délawàir
Dnieper Neeper Néeper
Dniester Neester Néester
Don Don Don
Euphrates Yuefraeteez Yuefráeteez
Fraser Fraezer Fráezer
Ganges Gaanjeez Gáanjeez
Hooghly Huegle Húegle
Hudson Hudsan Húdsan
Humber Humber Húmber
Indus Indas Índas
Irrawaddy Irawode Ìrawóde
Lena Leena Léena
Mackenzie Makenze Makénze
Mekong Maekong Máekong
Mississippi Misisipe Mìsisípe
Missouri Mizuere Mizúere
Monongahela Manonggaheela Manònggahéela
Murray Mure Mure
Negro Naegro Náegro
Nelson Nelsan Nélsan
Niger Niejer Niejer
Nile Nieyal Níeyal
Dvina Dveena Dvéena
Ob-Irtysh Ob-Irtish Òb-Irtísh
Oder-Neisse Oeder-Niesa Òeder-Níesa
Ohio Oehieyo Oehíeyo
Oka Oekoq Oekóq
Orinoco Aurinoeko Àurinóeko
Paraguay Paaragwi, Paaragwae Páaragwì, Páaragwàe
Paraná Paaranoq Pàaranóq
Peace Pees Pees
Pecos Paekoes Paekoes
Platte Plaat Plaat
Potomac Patoemak Patóemak
Red Red Red
Rhine Rien Rien
Rhone Roen Roen
Rio Grande / Rio Bravo del Norte Reeyo Graand / Reeyo Brovo del Naurtae Rèeyo Gráand / Ràeyo Bróvo del Náurtae
São Francisco Sou Fraansisko Sòu Fraansísko
Saskatchewan Saaskaachawon Sâaskáachawòn
Seine Sen, Saen Sen, Saen
Shannon Shaanan Sháanan
Shatt-al-Arab Shot-aal-Aarab Shòt-aal-Áarab
Snake Snaek Snaek
St. Lawrence Saent Lorans Sàent Lórans
Syr Darya / Jaxartes (ancient name) Seer Dorya Séer Dórya
Thames (England first, Connecticut second) Temz, Tthaemz Temz, Tthaemz
Tigris Tiegris Tíegris
Tocantins Toekanteenz Tòekantéenz
Tweed Tweed Tweed
Ural Yooral Yóoral
Uruguay Yooragwi, Yooragwae Yóoragwì, Yóoragwàe
Volga Voelga Vóelga
Xi / Si / Hsi She She
Yangtze Kiang / Chang Jiang Yaangtse Kyong / Chong Jong Yáangtse Kyong / Chong Jong
Yellow / Huang He Yelo / Hwong Hae Yélo / Hwong Hae
Yellowstone Yeloestoen Yéloestòen
Yenisey Yenisae Yènisáe
Yukon Yuekon Yúekon
Zambezi Zaambeeze Zaambéeze


Lake Albert    
Aral Sea    
Lake Athabasca    
Lake Baikal    
Lake Balaton    
Lake Balkhash    
Caspian Sea    
Lake Chad    
Lake Como    
Lake of Constance / Bodensee    
Crater Lake    
Lake Erie    
Lake Eyre    
Flathead Lake    
Fort Peck Lake    
Lake Geneva / Lac Léman    
Great Bear Lake    
Great Salt Lake    
Great Slave Lake    
Lake Huron    
Kariba Lake    
Lake Ladoga    
Loch Lomond    
Lake of Lucerne    
Lake Maggiore    
Lake Manitoba    
Lake Maracaibo    
Lake Meade    
Lake Michigan    
Moosehead Lake    
Lake Mweru    
Lake Nasser    
Lake Neagh    
Loch Ness    
Nettilling Lake    
Lake Nicaragua    
Lake Nipigon    
Lake Nyasa / Malawi    
Lake Oahe    
Lake Okeechobee    
Lake Onega    
Lake Ontario    
Lake of the Ozarks    
Lake Pontchartrain    
Lake Powell    
Reindeer Lake    
Lac St-Jean    
Smallwood Reservoir    
Lake Superior    
Lake Tanganyika    
Lake Taymyr    
Lake Titicaca    
Lake Torrens    
Lake Turkana / Rudolf    
Lake Victoria    
Lake Winnipeg    
Lake Winnipegosis    
Lake of the Woods