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Phoneticizing Names

Spelling reform that does not spell proper nouns phonetically would be very confusing. Placenames and personal names would have to be spelled by the same rules as everything else to be readily comprehensible in the midst of Fanetik text.

After systematic spelling reform, people who now have to spell their name aloud, over and over, because it is not a familiar English name, might find that many more people can spell their name without asking. But each person or family will have to decide how to spell its own name. People with difficult names in Traditional Orthography, like Chiarichella, would have to decide how they want their name pronounced by people who see it in print, then write it that way. If they want to revert to the original Italian pronunciation, even if the name has been mispronounced thru anglicization for years, they will write `Keeyoreekela`. If they want to stay with the anglicized pronunciation they and their friends are used to, they may write `Chaarichela`. Different branches of the same family may choose different spellings, which may cause trouble in the future in tracing genealogy, etc. But to leave proper nouns spelled nonphonetically would create serious problems of confused pronunciations and frustrate in large measure the entire project of phoneticizing English.

How would your name look in Fanetik? Here is a list of common first and last names in the English-speaking world generally and the United States more particularly. Some non-English names are included. To find your name (and the names of friends and relatives), look to the present spelling in the left column, which is arranged alphabetically. The second column shows the Fanetik spelling; the third column, the Augméntad Fanétik spelling (with accents to indicate which syllable is to be stressed). If there are commonplace alternate spellings, each such alternate will have its own entry unless a variant can be shown easily on the same line, e.g., Dominic(k), or most people will know to check the most common spelling (e.g., Jeffrey) for variants (Jeffery, Jeffry). A starkly different spelling (e.g., Geoffrey), however, is shown separately. Very unusual variant pronunciations, like Kaandáese and Káandase for "Candace", are not included. 

There are two tables below, containing nearly 1,300 names. The first transliterates first names (which are also called "given", "personal", or "Christian" names). The second transliterates the 99 most common last names (also called "surnames" or "family names") in the United States. But many common English last names are also used as first names, so you may find your last name in the table of first names if it is not among the 99 most common surnames in the U.S.

People planning for a baby and thinking of a distinctive name for their child, or at least a distinctive look to the name of their child, should consider a Fanetik or even Augméntad Fanétik spelling (with an accent as a little fillip to highlight a child's distinctiveness).

Note: It is possible to distinguish between male and female names that end in a long vowel sound by using a silent-E in the feminine form but dropping it in the masculine: Bile/Bilee, Bobe/Bobee, Jese/Jesee, Jo/Joe (in this case, opposite the present pattern), Le/Lee, Lesle/Leslee, Lezle/Lezlee, Rone/Ronee, Toene/Toenee, etc. Indeed, many people might prefer the look of a silent-E even for unambiguously feminine names: Sue, Lauralie, Lauree, Bonee, Betsee, Betee, Doratthee, Kloewee, Kaatthee, Lilee, Luesee, Maree, Morsee, Morjee, Melanee, Milee, Molee, Naansee, Paatee, Pegee, Penee, Polee, Roezalee, Roezmaree, Saalee, Sheree, Stefanee, Teree, Truedee, Vikee, and so on. Whether people will want to do that remains to be seen, but it is an option Fanetik affords while retaining strict phoneticity.

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Traditional Spelling Fanetik Spelling Augméntad Fanétik
 Aaron Aaran Áaran
Abby Aabe Áabe
Abigail Aabigail Áabigail
Abraham Aebrahaam Áebrahaam
Ada Aeda Áeda
Adam Aadam Áadam
Adelaide Aadalaed Áadalaed
Adele (Adela) Adel (Adela) Adél (Adéla)
Adolph Aedolf Áedolf
Adrian Aedreeyan Áedreeyan
Adrienne Aedreeyan Áedreeyan
Agnes Aagnas Áagnas
Aiden Aedan Áedan
Aileen Ieleen Ieléen
Al Aal Aal
Al(l)ison Aalisan Áalisan
Alan Aalan Áalan
Albert Albert Áalbert
Alberta Aalberta Aalbérta
Alex Aalaks Áalaks
Alexander Aalagzaander Aalagzáander
Alexandra Aalagzaandra Aalagzáandra
Alfonso Aalfonso Aalfónso
Alfred Aalfrad Áalfrad
Alice (Alyce) Aalis Áalis
Alicia Alisha, Aleesha Alísha, Aléesha
Allen Aalan Áalan
Alma Aalma Áalma
Alphonse, Alfonse Aalfons Áalfons
Alta Aalta Áalta
Alton Aaltan Áaltan
Alva Aalva Áalva
Alvin Aalvin Áalvin
Amanda Amaanda Amáanda
Amelia Ameelya Améelya
Amos Aemas Áemas
Amy Aeme Áeme
Anastasia Aanastaezha Aanastáezha
Andre Ondrae Óndrae
Andrea Aandreeya, Aandraeya Áandreeya, Aandráeya
Andrew Aandru Áandru
Andy Aande Áande
Angel (Spanish) Onhel Ónhel
Angel (English) Aenjal Áenjal
Angela Aanjala Áanjala
Angeline Aanjalien, Aanjaleen Áanjalien,


Angelo Aanjalo Áanjalo
Angus Aanggas Áanggas
Anita Aneeta Anéeta
Ann(e) Aan Aan
Anna Aana Áana
Annabelle Aanabel Áanabel
Annette (Annetta) Anet, Aneta Anét, Anéta
Annie Aane Áane
Anthony Aantthane Áantthane
Antoinette Aantwanet, Aantanet Aantwanét, Aantanét
Anton Aanton Áanton
Antonia Aantoeneeya Aantóeneeya
Antonio Aantoeneeyo Aantóeneeyo
April Aeprool Áeprool
Archie Orche Orche
Ardell(e) Ordel Ordél
Arden Ordan Órdan
Ardis Ordis Órdis
Arlen Orlan Órlan
Arlene (Arleen, Arline) Orleen Orléen
Arlo Orlo Órlo
Armand Ormand Órmand
Arne Orn Orn
Arnold Ornald Órnald
Arthur Ortther Órtther
Astrid Aastrid Áastrid
Aubrey Aubre Áubre
Audrey Audre Áudre
August Augast Áugast
Austin Austin Áustin
Awilda Awilda Awílda
Babette Baabet Baabét
Bailey Baile Báile
Barbara Borbra, Borbara Bórbra, Bórbara
Barclay Borkle Bórkle
Barnet(t) Bornet Bornét
Barney Borne Bórne
Barrett Baarat Báarat
Barrie Baare Báare
Barry Baare Báare
Bart Bort Bort
Barton Bortan Bórtan
Basil Baazal, Baezal Báazal, Báezal
Beatrice Beeyatris, Beeyaatris Béeyatris, Beeyáatris
Becky Beke Béke
Ben Ben Ben
Benjamin Benjamin Bénjamin
Bennett Benat Bénat
Benton Bentan Béntan
Bernadette Bernadet Bernadét
Bernadine Bernadeen Bérnadeen
Bernard Bernard, Bernord Bérnard, Bernórd
Bernhard Bernhord Bérnhord
Bernice Bernees (rare: Bernis) Bernées (rare: Bérnis)
Bernie Berne Bérne
Bert Bert Bert
Bertha Berttha Bérttha
Bertram Bertram Bértram
Beryl Beral Béral
Bessie Bese Bése
Beth Betth Betth
Betsy (Betsey) Betse Bétse
Bette Bet, Bete Bet, Béte
Betty, Bettye, Bettie Bete Béte
Beulah Byuela Byúela
Beverl(e)y Beverle Béverle
Bill Bil Bil
Billie Bile Bíle
Blaine Blaen Blaen
Blair Blair Blair
Blanche Blaanch Blaanch
Bob Bob Bob
Bobbi(e) Bobe Bébe
Bobby Bobe Bóbe
Bonita Baneeta Banéeta
Bonnie Bone Bóne
Boris Bauris, Boris Báuris, Bóris
Boyd Boid Boid
Bradford Braadferd Bráadferd
Bradley Braadle Bráadle
Brenda Brenda Brénda
Brent Brent Brent
Brian Brieyan Bríeyan
Brice Bries Bries
Brigitte Brijit, Brizheet Bríjit, Brizhéet
Brooks Brooks Brooks
Bruce Brues Brues
Bruno Brueno Brúeno
Bryan Brieyan Bríeyan
Bryce Bries Bries
Buddy Bude Búde
Buford Byueferd Byúeferd
Burke Berk Berk
Burt Bert Bert
Burton Bertan Bértan
Byron Bieran Bíeran
Calvin Kaalvin Káalvin
Cameron Kaamran, Kaameran Káamran, Káameran
Camilla Kamila Kamíla
Camille Kameel Kaméel
Candace Kaandas Káandas
Car(e)y Kaare, Kaire Káare, Káire
Carl Korl Korl
Carla Korla Kórla
Carlene Korleen Korléen
Carlos Korloes Kórloes
Carlotta Korlota Korlóta
Carlton Korltan Kórltan
Carlyle Korlieyal Kórlieyal
Carmen Korman Kórman
Carmine (male) Kormien Kórmien
Carmine (female) Kormeen Korméen
Carol(e) (Caryl) Kaaral Káaral
Caroline Kaaralien, Kaaralin Káaralien, Káaralin
Carolyn Kaaralin Káaralin
Carrie Kaare Káare
Carroll Kaaral Káaral
Carson Korsan Kórsan
Carter Korter Kórter
Catherine (Catharine) Kaatthrin, Kaattharin Káatthrin, Káattharin
Cathleen Kaatthleen Kaatthléen
Cathryn Kaatthrin Káatthrin
Cathy (Cathie) Kaatthe Káatthe
Cecil Sesal, Seesal Sésal, Séesal
Cecile Saseel Saséel
Cecilia, Cecelia Saseelya Saséelya
Celeste Salest Salést
Celia Seelya Séelya
Chaka Shoka Shóka
Charlene Shorleen Shorléen
Charles Chorlz Chorlz
Charlotte Shorlat Shórlat
Cher Shair Shair
Cherie Shere Shére
Cherry Chere Chére
Cheryl Sheral, Cheral Shéral, Chéral
Chester Chester Chéster
Chloe Kloewe Klóewe
Chris Kris Kris
Christian Krischan Kríschan
Christina Kristeena Kristéena
Christine Kristeen Kristéen
Christopher Kristafer Krístafer
Cindy Sinde Sínde
Cissy Sise Síse
Claire (Clare) Klair Klair
Clara Klaara Kláara
Clarence Klaarans Kláarans
Clarice Klarees, Klaaris Klarées, Kláaris
Clark Klork Klork
Claude Klaud Klaud
Claudette Klaudet Klaudét
Claudia Klaudeeya Kláudeeya
Claudine Klaudeen Klaudéen
Clay Klae Klae
Clayton Klaetan Kláetan
Clem Klem Klem
Clement Klemant Klémant
Cleo Kleeyo Kléeyo
Cleopatra Kleeyapaatra Kleeyapáatra
Clifford Kliferd Klíferd
Clint Klint Klint
Clinton Klintan Klíntan
Clyde Klied Klied
Colette Kolet Kolét
Colin Kolin, Koelin Kólin, Kóelin
Colleen Koleen Koléen
Collin Kolin Kólin
Connie Kone Kóne
Conrad Konraad Kónraad
Constantine Konstanteen, Konstantien Kónstanteen, Kónstantien
Cora Kaura Káura
Corinne Karin, Kareen Karín, Karéen
Cornelia Kaurneelya Kaurnéelya
Cornelius Kaurneelyas Káurneelyas
Craig Kreg, Kraeg Kreg, Kraeg
Curtis Kertis Kértis
Cynthia Sinttheeya Sínttheeya
Cyril Seeral Séeral
Cyrus Sieras Síeras
Daisy Daeze Dáeze
Dale Dail Dail
Dallas Daalas Dáalas
Dalton Daultan Dáultan
Dan Daan Daan
Dana (male & female) Daena Dáena
Dana (female, rare) Dona Dóna
Daniel Daanyal Dáanyal
Danny Daane Dáane
Daphne Daafne Dáafne
Darla Dorla Dórla
Darlene Dorleen Dorléen
Darrell Daaral Dáaral
Darwin Dorwin Dórwin
Dave Daev Daev
David Daevid Dáevid
Davis Daevis Dáevis
Dawn Daun Daun
Dean Deen Deen
Deanna, Deeanne Deeyaana, Deeyaan Deeyáana, Deeyáan
Debora(h) Debra, Debara Débra, Débara
Debra Debra Débra
Dee De De
Deirdre Deerdre, Deerdra Déerdre, Déerdra
Delano Delano Délano
Delbert Delbert Délbert
Delia Deelya Déelya
Della Dela Déla
Delmar Delmor Délmor
Delores Dalauras Daláuras
Dena, Deena Deena Déena
Denise Dinees, Dineez Dinées, Dinéez
Dennis Denis Dénis
Denny Dene Déne
Denton Dentan Déntan
Denzel Denzel Denzél
Derek Derak Dérak
Dewey Duewe Dúewe
Dewitt Diwit Diwít
Dexter Dekster Dékster
Dian(n)a Dieyaana Dieyáana
Diane (Dianne, Dian, Diann, Dyan) Dieyaan Dieyáan
Dick Dik Dik
Dieter Deeter Déeter
Dina Deena Déena
Dina(h) Diena Díena
Dirk Derk Derk
Dixie Dikse Díkse
Dolores Dalauras Daláuras
Dominic(k) Dominik Dóminik
Don(n) Don Don
Donal Donal Dónal
Donald Donald Dónald
Donna Dona Dóna
Donnie Done Dóne
Donovan Donavan Dónavan
Dora Daura Dáura
Doreen Daureen Dauréen
Doris Doris, Dauris Dóris, Dáuris
Dorothea Dorattheeya, Daurattheeya Doratthéeya, Dauratthéeya
Dorothy Doratthe, Dauratthe Dóratthe, Dáuratthe
Doug Dug Dug
Douglas(s) Duglas Dúglas
Doyle Doiyal Dóiyal
Duane Dwaen, Duewaen Dwaen, Duewáen
Dudley Dudle Dúdle
Durward Derwerd Dérwerd
Dwayne Dwaen Dwaen
Dwight Dwiet Dwiet
Earl(e) Oorl / Erl Oorl / Erl
Ed Ed Ed
Eddie (Eddy) Ede Éde
Edgar Edger Édger
Edith Eeditth Éeditth
Edmond, Edmund Edmand Édmand
Edna Edna Édna
Edson Edsan Édsan
Edward Edwerd Édwerd
Edwin Edwin Édwin
Edwina Edweena, Edwina Edwéena, Edwína
Effie Efe Éfe
Eileen Ieleen Ieléen
El(l)iot(t) Eleeyat Éleeyat
El(l)wood Elwood Élwood
Elaine Eelaen Eeláen
Elbert Elbert Élbert
Eldon Eldan Éldan
Eleanor(e) (Ellinor) Elanaur, Elaner Élanaur, Élaner
Elena Elana, Aleena, Elaena Élana, Aléena, Eláena
Eli Eeli Éeli
Elias Eelieyas Eelíeyas
Elijah Eelieja Eelíeja
Elise Alees, Aleez, Aelees, Aeleez Alées, Aléez, Aelées, Aeléez
Elizabeth (Elisabeth) Eelizabatth, Ilizabatth Eelízabatth, Ilízabatth
Ella Ela Éla
Ellen (Ellyn) Elan Élan
Ellis Elis Élis
Ellsworth Elswertth Élswertth
Elmer Elmer Élmer
Elmo Elmo Élmo
Eloise Elaweez Élaweez, Elawéez
Elsa Elsa Élsa
Elsie Else Élse
Elton Eltan Éltan
Elva Elva Élva
Elvin Elvin Élvin
Elwin (Elwyn) Elwin Élwin
Em(m)anuel Eemaanyoowal, Imaanyoowal Eemáanyoowal, Imáanyoowal
Emerson Emersan Émersan
Emil Aemal Áemal
Emile Aemeel Aeméel
Emily (Emilie) Emile Émile
Emma Ema Éma
Emmett Emat Émat
Emory, Emery Emare Émare
Enid Eenid Éenid
Eric, Erich, Erick Erik Érik
Erica (Erika) Erika Érika
Erik Erik Érik
Erma Erma Érma
Ernest Ernast Érnast
Ernestine Ernasteen Érnasteen
Ernie Erne Érne
Ernst Ernst, Airnst Ernst, Airnst
Errol Eral Éral
Ervin Ervin Érvin
Erwin Erwin Érwin
Estelle, Estella Estel, Estela Estél, Estéla
Esther Ester Éster
Ethan Eetthan Éetthan
Ethel Etthal Étthal
Etta Eta Éta
Eugene Yuejeen Yúejeen, Yuejéen
Eugenia Yuejeenya Yuejéenya
Eugenie Yuejeene Yuejéene
Eunice Yuenis Yúenis
Euphemia Yuefeemeeya Yueféemeeya
Eva Eeva, Aeva Éeva, Áeva
Evan Evan Évan
Evangeline Eevaanjalin, Eevaanjalien, Eevaanjaleen; Ivaanjalin, Ivaanjalien, Ivaanjaleen Eeváanjalin, Eeváanjalien, Eeváanjaleen; Iváanjalin, Iváanjalien, Iváanjaleen
Eve Eev Eev
Evelyn (British variant) Eevalin Éevalin
Evelyn Evalin Évalin
Everett Everat Éverat

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Faith Faetth Faetth
Fay(e) Fae Fae
Felice Filees Filées
Felix Feeliks, Feelliks Féeliks, Féelliks
Ferdinand Ferdinaand Férdinaand
Fern(e) Fern Fern
Fernando Fernaando Fernáando
Fletcher Flecher Flécher
Flora Flaura Fláura
Florence Florans, Flaurans Flórans, Fláurans
Floyd Floid Floid
For(r)est Forast Fórast
Foster Fauster Fáuster
Frances Fraansas, Fraansaz Fráansas, Fráansaz
Francine Fraanseen Fraanséen
Francis Fraansis Fráansis
Francisco Fraansisko Fraansísko
Frank Fraangk Fraangk
Franklin, Franklyn Fraangklin Fráangklin
Fred Fred Fred
Freda Freeda Fréeda
Freddie Frede Fréde
Frederic(k), Fredric(k) Fredarik, Fredrik Frédarik, Frédrik
Frederic(k)a Fredareeka, Fredreeka Fredaréeka, Fredréeka
Freeman Freeman Fréeman
Frieda Freeda Fréeda
Fritz Frits Frits
Gabriel Gaebreeyal Gáebreeyal
Gail (Gale, Gayle) Gail Gail
Galen Gaelen Gáelen
Garland Gorland Górland
Garrett Gaarat Gáarat
Garth Gortth Gortth
Gary Gaare Gaare
Gay Gae Gae
Gaylord Gaelaurd Gáelaurd
Gene Jeen Jeen
Geneva Janeeva Janéeva
Genevieve (French) Zhoonveeyev Zhoonveeyév
Genevieve Jenaveev Jénaveev
Geoffrey Jefre Jéfre
George Jaurj Jaurj
Georgeann Jaurjaan Jaurjáan
Georgette Jaurjet Jaurjét
Georgia Jaurja Jáurja
Georgina Jaurjeena   Jaurjéena
Gerald Jerald Jérald
Geraldine Jeraldeen Jéraldeen
Gerard Jerord Jerórd, Jérord
Gerhard Gairhord Gáirhord
Gerry Jere Jére
Gertrude Gertrued Gértrued
Gilbert Gilbert Gílbert
Giles Jieyalz Jíeyalz
Ginger Jinjer Jínjer
Gisela Jisela, Jizela Jiséla, Jizéla
Giselle Jizel Jizél
Gladys Glaadis Gláadis
Glen(n) Glen Glen
Glenda Glenda Glénda
Glenna Glena Gléna
Gloria Glaureeya Gláureeya
Gordon Gaurdan Gáurdan
Grace Graes Graes
Grady Graede Gráede
Graham Graim, Graeyam Graim, Gráeyam
Grant Graant, Graint Graant, Graint
Granville Graanvil Gráanvil
Gray Grae Grae
Greg(g) Greg Greg
Gregory Gregare Grégare
Greta Greta, Greeta Gréta, Gréeta
Gretchen Grechan Gréchan
Grover Groever Gróever
Gus Gus Gus
Gustav(e) Gustav, Guestov Gústav, Gúestov
Guy Gi Gi
Gwen Gwen Gwen
Gwendolyn Gwendalin Gwéndalin
Hal Haal Haal
Hamilton Haamaltan Háamaltan
Hannah Haana Háana
Hans Honz, Honts Honz, Honts
Harlan(d) Horlan(d) Hórlan(d)
Harley Horle Hórle
Harlow Horlo Hórlo
Harmon Horman Hórman
Harold Haarald Háarald
Harriet(te) Haareeyat Háareeyat
Harris Haaris Háaris
Harrison Haarisan Háarisan
Harry Haare Háare
Harvey Horve Hórve
Hattie Haate Háate
Hayes Haez Haez
Hazel Haezal Háezal
Heather Hether Héther
Hector Hekter Hékter
Heidi Hiede Híede
Helaine Halaen Haláen
Helen Helan Hélan
Helena Helana, Haleena, Halaena Hélana, Haléena, Haláena
Helene Haleen Haléen
Helga Helga Hélga
Helmut Helmat, Helmuet Hélmat, Hélmuet
Heloise Helaweez Hélaweez
Henrietta Henreeyeta Hènreeyéta
Henry Henre Hénre
Herbert Herbert Hérbert
Herman(n) Herman Hérman
Hermine Hermeen Hérmeen
Hers(c)hel Hershal Hérshal
Hester Hester Héster
Hilda Hilda Hílda
Hildegard(e) Hildagord Híldagord
Hiram Hieram Híeram
Hobart Hoebort Hóebort
Hollis Holis Hólis
Holly Hole Hóle
Homer Hoemer Hóemer
Hope Hoep Hoep
Horace Horas, Hauras Hóras, Háuras
Howard Houwerd Hóuwerd
Howell Houwal Hóuwal
Hoyt Hoit Hoit
Hubert Hyuebert Hyúebert
Hudson Hudsan Húdsan
Hugh Hyu Hyu
Hugo Hyuego Hyúego
Hyman Hieman Híeman
Ian Eeyan Éeyan
Ida Ieda Íeda
Ila Iela Íela
Ilene Ieleen Ieléen
Ilona Ieloena, Iloena Ielóena, Ilóena
Imogene Imajeen, Iemajeen Ímajeen, Íemajeen
Ina Iena Íena
Ingrid Inggrid Ínggrid
Ira Iera Íera
Irene Iereen Ieréen
Iris Ieris Íeris
Irma Erma Érma
Irving Erving Érving
Irwin Erwin Érwin
Isaac Iezak Íezak
Isabel(le) Izabel Ízabel
Iva Ieva Íeva
Ivan Ievan, Eevon Íevan, Eevón
Jack Jaak Jaak
Jackson Jaaksan Jáaksan
Jacob Jaekab Jáekab
Jacquelin(e) (Jacquelyn) Jaakwalin, Jaakalin, Jaakwaleen, Jaakaleen, Zhokléen Jáakwalin, Jáakalin, Jáakwaleen, Jáakaleen, Zhokléen
Jacques Zhok Zhok
Jake Jaek Jaek
Jaleel Jaleel Jaléel
Jamal Jamol Jamól
James Jaemz Jaemz
Jameson Jaemasan Jáemasan
Jan Jaan Jaan
Jane (Jayne) Jaen Jaen
Janet Jaanat Jáanat
Janette Janet Janét
Janice Jaanis, Janees Jáanis, Janées
Janis Jaanis Jáanis
Jared Jaarad, Jerad Jáarad, Jérad
Jason Jaesan Jáesan
Jay Jae Jae
Jean Jeen Jeen
Jean(n)ette Janet Janét
Jean(n)ie Jeene Jéene
Jeanne Jeen, Jeene Jeen, Jéene
Jeffrey (Jeffery, Jeffry) Jefre Jéfre
Jennie Jene Jéne
Jennifer Jenifer Jénifer
Jenny Jene Jéne
Jerald Jerald Jérald
Jeraldine (see Geraldine)    
Jere Jere Jére
Jeremiah Jeramieya Jeramíeya
Jeremy Jerame Jérame
Jeri (Jerrie) Jere Jére
Jerilyn Jerilin Jérilin
Jer(r)old Jerald Jérald
Jerome Jeroem Jeróem
Jerry Jere Jére
Jesse Jese Jése
Jessica Jesika Jésika
Jessie Jese Jése
Jewel(l) Juel, Juewal Juel, Júewal
Jill Jil Jil
Jim Jim Jim
Jo Jo Jo
Joan Joen Joen
Joann(e) Joewaan Joewáan
Joanna Joewaana Joewáana
Jocelyn Josalin Jósalin
Joe Jo Jo
Joel Joel,  Joewal Joel, Jóewal
Johanna Joehaana Joeháana
John Jon Jon
Jolene Joeleen Joeléen
Jon Jon Jon
Jonathan Jonatthan Jónatthan
Joseph (Josef) Joesaf, Joezaf Jóesaf, Jóezaf
Josephine Joesafeen, Joezafeen Jóesafeen, Jóezafeen
Joshua Joshuewa Jóshuewa
Joy Joi Joi
Joyce Jois Jois
Joycelyn Joisalin Jóisalin
Juanita (English) Woneeta Wonéeta
Juanita (Spanish) Hwoneeta Hwonéeta
Judith Jueditth Júeditth
Judson Judsan Júdsan
Judy (Judi(e)) Juede Júede
Jules Juelz Juelz
Julia Juelya Júelya
Julian Jueleeyan Júeleeyan
Juliana Jueleeyaana Jùeleeyáana
Julianne Jueleeyaan, Juelyaan Jueleeyáan, Juelyáan
Juliet Juelyat, Jueleeyet, Jueleeyat Júelyat, Júeleeyet, Júeleeyat, Jueleeyét, Juelyét
Julio (Spanish) Hueleeyo Húeleeyo
Julio Jueleeyo, Juelyo Júeleeyo, Júelyo
Julius Juelyas Júelyas
June Juen Juen
Justin Justin Jústin
Justine Justeen Justéen
Kareem Koreem Koréem
Karen (Karin, Karyn) Kaaran Káaran
Karl Korl Korl
Karla (see Carla)    
Karol (see Carol)    
Karolyn (see Carolyn)    
Kate Kaet Kaet
Katherine (Katharine, Kathryn) Kaattharin, Kaatthrin Káattharin, Káatthrin
Kathleen Kaatthleen Kaatthléen
Kathy Kaatthe Káatthe
Katie Kaete Káete
Kay(e) Kae Kae
Keith Keetth Keetth
Kelly Kele Kéle
Ken Ken Ken
Kendall Kendal Kéndal
Kenneth Kenatth Kénatth
Kent Kent Kent
Kenton Kentan Kéntan
Kermit Kermit Kermit
Kerry Kere Kére
Keshia Keesha Kéesha
Kevin Kevin Kévin
Kirby Kerbe Kérbe
Kirk Kerk Kerk
Kitty Kite Kíte
Klaus Klous, Klaus Klous, Klaus
Kristin Kristin Krístin
Kurt Kert, Kuert Kert, Kuert

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Lamar Lamor Lamór
Lana Lona, Laana Lóna, Láana
Lance Laans Laans
Lane Laen Laen
Lanny Laane Láane
Lara Laara Láara
Larry Laare Láare
Lars Lorz Lorz
Laszlo Laazlo Láazlo
Latifah Lateefa Latéefa
Laura Laura Láura
Laurel Laural Láural
Lauretta Laureta Lauréta
Laurie Laure Láure
Lavern(e) Lavern Lavérn
Lawrence (Laurence) Lorans, Laurans Lórans, Láurans
Layton Laetan Láetan
Leah Leeya Léeya
Leanne Leeyaan Leeyáan
Lee Le Le
Leigh Le Le
Leighton Laetan Láetan
Leila Liela, Leela Líela, Léela
Lela Leela Léela
Leland Leeland Léeland
Lelia Leelya Léelya
Lena Leena Léena
Lenore Lanaur Lanáur
Leo Leeyo Léeyo
Leon Leeyon Léeyon
Leona Leeyoena Leeyóena
Leonard Lenard Lénard
Leonora Leeyanaura Leeyanáura
Leroy Leeroi, Liroi Léeroi, Lirói
Leslie (Lesley) Lesle, Lezle Lésle, Lézle
Lester Lester Léster
Leta Leeta Léeta
Letitia Litisha, Liteesha Litísha, Litéesha
Lewis Luewis Lúewis
Libby Libe Líbe
Lila Liela Líela
Lillian Lileeyan Líleeyan
Lily Lile Líle
Lincoln Lingkan Língkan
Linda (Lynda) Linda Línda
Lionel Lieyanal, Lieyanel Líeyanal, Líeyanel
Lisa Leesa, Leeza Léesa, Léeza
Lloyd Loid Loid
Logan Loegan Lóegan
Lois Loewis Lóewis
Lola Loela Lóela
Lon Lon Lon
Lonnie (Lonny) Lone Lóne
Lor(r)aine Laraen, Lauraen Laráen, Lauráen
Lorelei Laurali Láurali
Loren Lauran Láuran
Loretta Lareta, Laureta Laréta, Lauréta
Lori Laure Láure
Lorna Laurna Láurna
Louella (see Luella)    
Louie Luewe Lúewe
Louis Luewis Lúewis
Louisa Lueweeza Luewéeza
Louise Lueweez Luewéez
Lowell Loewal Lóewal
Luanne Luewaan Luewáan
Lucia Luesha, Lueseeya Lúesha, Lueséeya
Lucian Lueshan Lúeshan
Lucil(l)e Luseel Luséel
Lucinda Luesinda Luesínda
Lucretia Luekreesha Luekréesha
Lucy Luese Léese
Ludwig Ludwig, Luedvig Lúdwig, Lúedvig
Luella Luewela Luewéla
Luis (Spanish) Luewees Luewées
Luisa (Spanish) Lueweesa Luewéesa
Luke Luek Luek
Luther Luetther Lúetther
Lydia Lideeya Lídeeya
Lyle Lieyalf Líeyal
Lyman Lieman Líeman
Lynette Linet Linét
Lynn(e) Lin Lin
Mabel Maebal Máebal
Mac(k) Maak Maak
Madeline (Madeleine, Madelyn) Maadalin Máadalin
Madge Maaj Maaj
Mae Mae Mae
Malcolm Maalkam Máalkam
Malik Moleek Moléek
Mamie Maeme Máeme
Manfred Maanfrad Máanfrad
Manuel Maanyoowal Máanyoowal
Manuel (Spanish) Monwel Monwél
Mara Mora Móra
Marc Mork Mork
Marcella Morsela Morséla
Marci(e) Morse Mórse
Marcia Morsha Mórsha
Marcus Morkas Mórkas
Margaret Morgarat, Morgrat Mórgarat, Mórgrat
Margery (see Marjorie)    
Margie Morje Mórje
Margo Morgo Mórgo
Margot Morgo, Morgat Mórgo, Mórgat
Marguerite Morgareet, Morgyareet Morgaréet, Morgyaréet
Maria Mareeya (formerly often Marieya) Maréeya (formerly often Maríeya)
Mariah Marieya Maríeya
Marian Maareeyan Máareeyan
Marianna Maareeyaana Maareeyáana
Marie Mare Maré
Marietta Maareeyeta, Mereeyeta Maareeyéta, Mereeyéta
Marilee Maarile, Merile Máarile, Mérile
Marilyn (Marylynn, Marylyn, Marylon) Maarilin Máarilin
Marina Mareena Maréena
Mario Moreeyo Móreeyo
Marion Maareeyan Máareeyan
Marisa Marisa Marísa
Marjorie (Marjory) Morjare Mórjare
Mark Mork Mork
Marla Morla Mórla
Marlene Morleen, Morlaena Morléen, Morláena
Marlon (Marlin, Marlyn) Morlan Mórlan
Marlys Morlis Mórlis
Marsha Morsha Mórsha
Marshal(l) Morshal Mórshal
Marta Morta Mórta
Martha Morttha Mórttha
Martin Mortin Mórtin
Marva Morva Mórva
Marvin Morvin Mórvin
Mary Maire Máire
Maryann(e) Maireeyaan Maireeyáan
Maryellen Maireeyelan Maireeyélan
Marylou Maireelu Máireelu, Maireelú
Mason Maesan Máesan
Matilda, Mathilde Matilda Matílda
Matthew Maatthyu Máatthyu
Maude Maud Maud
Maura Maura Máura
Maureen (Maurine) Maureen Mauréen
Maurice Maurees, Mauris, Moris Maurées, Máuris, Móris
Max Maaks Maaks
Maximilian Maaksimilyan Maaksimílyan
Maxine Maakseen Maakséen
Maxwell Maakswel, Maakswal Máakswel, Máakswal
May Mae Mae
Maynard Maenerd Máenerd
Melanie Melane Mélane
Melba Melba Mélba
Melinda Malinda Malínda
Melissa Malisa Malísa
Melva Melva Mélva
Melville Melvil Mélvil
Melvin Melvin Mélvin
Meredith Meraditth Méraditth
Merle Merl, Moorl Merl, Moorl
Merlin Merlin Mérlin
Merrill Meral Méral
Merrily Merile Mérile
Merritt Merit Mérit
Merry Mere Mére
Mervin Mervin Mérvin
Michael Miekal Míekal
Michel(l)e Mishel Mishél
Mickey Mike Míke
Miguel Meegel, Migel Meegél, Migél
Milan Mielan Míelan
Mildred Mildrad Míldrad
Miles Mieyalz Míeyalz
Milford Milferd Mílferd
Millard Milerd Mílerd
Millicent Milisant Mílisant
Millie Mile Míle
Milo Mielo Míelo
Milton Miltan Míltan
Minnie Mine Míne
Miriam Meereeyam Méereeyam
Missy Mise Míse
Misty Miste Míste
Mitch Mich Mich
Mitchell Michal Míchal
Mitzi Mitse Mítse
Mohammed, Mohammad Moehomad Moehómad
Molly (Mollie) Mole Móle
Mona Moena Móena
Monica Monika Mónika
Monroe Manro Mánro
Montague Montagyu Móntagyu
Monty (Monte) Monte Mónte
Morgan Maurgan Máurgan
Morris Moris, Mauris Móris, Máuris
Morton Maurtan Máurtan
Muhammed Muehomad Muehómad
Muriel Myuereeyal Myúereeyal
Murray Mure Múre
Myles Mieyalz Míeyalz
Myra Miera Míera
Myrna Merna Mérna
Myron Mieran Míeran
Myrtle Mertal Mértal
Nadine Naedeen, Nadeen Naedéen, Nadéen
Nan Naan Naan
Nan(n)ette Naanet, Nanet Naanét, Nanét
Nancy Naanse Náanse
Naomi Naeyoeme Naeyóeme
Nat(h)alie Naatale Náatale
Nathan Naetthan Náetthan
Nathaniel Natthaanyal Nattháanyal
Neal Neel Neel
Ned Ned Ned
Nedra Nedra, Needra Nédra, Néedra
Neil Neel Neel
Nelda Nelda Nélda
Nell(ie) Nel(e) Nél(e)
Nelson Nelsan Nélsan
Nettie Nete Néte
Neva Neeva Néeva
Neville Neval Néval
Nevin Nevin Névin
Newell Nuewal, Nyuewal Núewal, Nyúewal
Newton Nuetan Núetan, Nyúetan
Nicholas Nikalas, Niklas Níkalas, Níklas
Nick Nik Nik
Niles Nieyalz Níeyalz
Nils Nils, Neels Nils, Neels
Nina Neena (rare: Niena) Néena, Níena
Nita Neeta Néeta
Noah Noewa Nóewa
Noble Noebool Nóebool
Noel (male) Noewal Nóewal
Noel (female) Noewel Noewél
Nola Noela Nóela
Nolan Noelan Nóelan
Nona Noena Nóena
Nora Naura Náura
Norbert Naurbert Náurbert
Noreen Naureen Nauréen
Norma Naurma Náurma
Norman Naurman Náurman
Norris Noris, Nauris Nóris, Náuris
Norton Naurtan Náurtan
Olga Oelga Óelga
Olin, Olen Oelan Óelan
Olive Oliv Óliv
Oliver Oliver Óliver
Ollie Ole Óle
Opal Oepal Óepal
Ora Aura Áura
Orlando Aurlaando Aurláando
Orrin, Orin, Oren Auran, Orin Áuran, Órin
Orville Aurval Áurval
Oscar Osker Ósker
Otis Oetis Óetis
Otto Oto Óto
Owen Oewan Óewan
Palmer Pomer, Polmer Pómer, Pólmer
Pamela Paamala Páamala
Parker Porker Pórker
Patricia Patrisha, Patreesha Patrísha, Patréesha
Patti(e), Patty Paate Páate
Paul Paul Paul
Paula Paula Páula
Paulette Paulet Paulét
Pauline Pauleen Pauléen
Pearl Perl, Poorl Perl, Poorl
Pedro (anglicized) Peedro Péedro
Pedro (Spanish) Paedro Páedro
Peggy Pege Pége
Penelope Panelape Panélape
Penny Pene Péne
Percy Perse Pérse
Perry Pere Pére
Pete Peet Peet
Peter Peeter Péeter
Phil(l)ip Filip Fílip
Phoebe Feebe Féebe
Phyllis Filis Fílis
Pierre Peeyair Peeyáir
Polly Pole Póle
Porter Paurter Páurter
Preston Prestan Préstan
Priscilla Prisila Prisíla, Prísala
Prudence Pruedans Prúedans
Quentin Kwentin Kwéntin
Quincy Kwinse Kwínse

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Rachel Raechal Ráechal
Rae Rae Rae
Rafael (English) Raafeeyal, Raefeeyal Ráafeeyal, Ráefeeyal
Rafael (Spanish) Rofoyel Ròfoyél
Raleigh Role, Raule Róle, Ráule
Ralph Raalf, (British:) Raef Raalf, Raef
Ramon Ramoen, Raeman Ramóen, Ráeman
Ramona Ramoena Ramóena
Randall Raandal Ráandal
Randy Raande Ráande
Raphael (see Rafael)    
Raquel Rakel, Rokel Rakél, Rokél
Ray Rae Rae
Raymond Raemand Ráemand
Reba Reeba Réeba
Rebecca Rabeka Rabéka
Reed (Reid) Reed Reed
Regina Rajeena, Rajiena Rajéena, Rajíena
Reginald Rejinald Réjinald
Regis Reejis Réejis
Rena Reena Réena
Rene Ranae, Renae, Raene, Reene Ranáe, Rénae, Ráene, Réene
Renee Ranae, Rena, Raene, Reene Ranáe, Réna, Ráene, Réene
Reuben Rueban Rúeban
Rex Reks Reks
Reynold Renald Rénald
Rhea Reeya Réeya
Rhoda Roeda Róeda
Rhonda (Ronda) Ronda Rónda
Richard Richerd Rícherd
Riley Riele Ríele
Rita Reeta Réeta
Robert Robert Róbert
Roberta Raberta, Roeberta Rabérta, Roebérta
Roberto Raberto, Roeberto, Roebairto Rabérto, Roebérto, Roebáirto
Robin Robin Róbin
Robin (Robyn) Robin Róbin
Rochelle Rashel, Roeshel Rashél, Roeshél
Rod(d) Rod Rod
Roderick Roderik Roderik
Rodney Rodne Ródne
Roger(s) Rojer(z) Rójer(z)
Roland (Rowland) Roeland Róeland
Rolf Rolf Rolf
Rolland Roland Róland
Rollin Rolin Rólin
Ron Ron Ron
Rona (Rhona) Roena Róena
Ronald Ronald Rónald
Ronnie (Ronny) Rone Róne
Rosa Roeza Róeza
Rosalie Roezale Róezale
Rosalind Rozalind, Roezalind Rózalind, Róezalind
Rosalyn (Roselyn) Rozalin, Roezalin Rózalin, Róezalin
Roscoe Rosko Rósko
Rose Roez Roez
Roseanne Roezaan Roezáan
Rosemarie Roezmare Roezmaré
Rosemary Roezmaire Róezmaire
Rosetta Roezeta Roezéta
Roslyn Rozlin Rózlin
Ross Raus Raus
Rowena Roeweena Roewéena
Roxanne Roksaan Roksáan
Roy Roi Roi
Royal Roiyal Róiyal
Royce Rois Rois
Ruben (English) Rueban Rúeban
Ruben (Spanish) Rueben Ruebén
Ruby Ruebe Rúebe
Rudolf, Rudolph Ruedolf Rúedolf
Rudy Ruede Rúede
Rufus Ruefas Rúefas
Rupert Ruepert Rúepert
Russell Rusal Rúsal
Ruth Ruetth Ruetth
Ruthann Ruetthaan Ruettháan
Ryland Rieland Ríeland
Sabra Saebra Sáebra
Sabrina Sabreena Sabréena
Sadie Saede Sáede
Sally (Sallie) Saale Sáale
Salvatore Saalvataur, Saalvataure Sáalvataur, Saalvatáure
Sam Saam Saam
Sammy Saame Sáame
Samuel Saamyoowal Sáamyoowal
Sandra Saandra, Sondra Sáandra, Sóndra
Sanford Saanferd Sáanferd
Sara(h) Saara, Saira Sáara, Sáira
Saralee Saarale, Sairale Sáarale, Sáirale, Saaralé, Sairalé
Saul Saul Saul
Saundra Saundra, Sondra Sáundra, Sóndra
Scott Skot Skot
Sean, Shaun, Shawn Shaun Shaun
Selma Selma Sélma
Seth Setth Setth
Seymour Seemaur Séemaur
Shaka Shoka Shóka
Shaniquah Shaneekwa Shanéekwa
Shaquille Shakeel Shakéel
Shari Shaare, Shaire Sháare, Sháire
Sharlene (see Charlene)    
Sharon (Sharron) Shaaran, Sheran Sháaran, Shéran
Sheila Sheela Shéela
Shelby Shelbe Shélbe
Sheldon Sheldan Shéldan
Shelia Sheelya Shéelya
Shelley Shele Shéle
Sheridan Sheridan Shéridan
Sherman Sherman Shérman
Sherrill, Sheryl (see Cheryl)    
Sherry (Sherrie, Sheri) Shere Shére
Sherwin Sherwin Shérwin
Sherwood Sherwood Shérwood
Sidney, Sydney Sidne Sídne
Siegfried Sigfreed, Seegfreed Sígfreed, Séegfreed
Sigmund Sigmand Sígmand
Sigrid Sigrid Sígrid
Simon Sieman Síeman
Solomon Solaman Sólaman
Sondra Sondra Sóndra
Sonya (Sonia, Sonja) Soenya, Sonya Sóenya, Sónya
Sophia Safeeya, Safieya Saféeya, Safíeya
Sophie Soefe Sóefe
Spencer Spenser Spénser
Stan Staan Staan
Stanford Staanferd Stáanferd
Stanley Staanle Stáanle
Stanton Staantan Stáantan
Stefan Stefan, Stafon Stéfan, Stafón
Stella Stela Stéla
Stephanie Stefane Stéfane
Stephen (Stephan) Steevan Stéevan
Sterling Sterling Stérling
Steve Steev Steev
Steven Steevan Stéevan
Stewart Stuewert, Styuewert Stúewert, Styúewert
Stuart Stuewert, Styuewert Stúewert, Styúewert
Sue Su Su
Suellen Suewelan Suewélan
Susan (Suzan) Suezan Súezan
Susanna(h) Suezaana Suezáana
Susie Sueze Súeze
Suzanne Suezaan Suezáan
Sybil Sibool Síbool
Sydney, Sidney Sidne Sídne
Sylvester Silvester Silvéster
Sylvia Silveeya Sílveeya
Tamara Tamaara Tamáara
Tanya Taanya, Tonya Táanya, Tónya
Tatiana Toteeyona Tòteeyóna
Tawana Tawona Tawóna
Taylor Tailer Táiler
Ted(dy) Tede Téde
Telma Telma Télma
Terence Terans Térans
Teresa (see Theresa)    
Terrell (Terrill) Teral Téral
Terrence (Terrance) Terans Térans
Terry (Terri) Tere Tére
Thad Tthaad Tthaad
Thaddeus Tthaadeeyas Ttháadeeyas
Thelma Tthelma Tthélma
Theodora Ttheeyadaura Ttheeyadáura
Theodore Ttheeyadaur Tthéeyadaur
Theresa Tareesa Taréesa
Therese Tarees, Tarez Tarées, Taréz
Theron Ttheeran Tthéeran
Thomas Tomas Tómas
Thurman Ttherman Tthérman
Thurston Ttherstan Tthérstan
Tim Tim Tim
Timothy Timatthe Tímatthe
Tina Teena Téena
Toby Toebe Tóebe
Todd Tod Tod
Tom, Tommy Tom, Tome Tom, Tóme
Tony, Toni Toene Tóene
Tracy (Tracey) Traese Tráese
Travis Traavis Tráavis
Trent Trent Trent
Troy Troi Troi
Trudy Truede Trúede
Truman Trueman Trúeman
Tyrone Tieroen, Tiroen Tíeroen, Tieróen, Tiróen

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Ursula Ersala Érsala
Val Vaal Vaal
Valentine Vaalantien Váalantien
Valerie Vaalare Váalare
Van Vaan Vaan
Vance Vaans Vaans
Vaughn Vaun Vaun
Velma Velma Vélma
Vera Veera Véera
Vern(e) Vern Vern
Verna Verna Vérna
Vernon Vernan Vérnan
Veronica Veronika Verónika
Vicki(e) (Vicky) Vike Víke
Victor Vikter Víkter
Victoria Viktaureeya Viktáureeya
Vida Veeda, Vieda Véeda, Víeda
Vincent Vinsant Vínsant
Viola Vieyoela Vieyóela
Violet Vieyalat, Vielat Víeyalat, Víelat
Virgil Verjal Vérjal
Virginia Verjinya, Verjineeya Verjínya, Verjíneeya
Vita Veeta Véeta
Vivian Viveeyan Víveeyan
Wade Waed Waed
Waldo Woldo, Wauldo Wóldo, Wáuldo
Wallace (Wallis) Wolas Wólas
Wally Wole Wóle
Walter Waulter Wáulter
Walton Waultan Wáultan
Wanda Wonda Wónda
Ward Waurd Waurd
Warner Waurner Wáurner
Warren Woran, Wauran Wóran, Wáuran
Wayne Waen Waen
Weldon Weldan Wéldan
Wendell Wendal Wéndal
Wendy Wende Wénde
Werner Werner, Wairner, Vairner Wérner, Wáirner, Váirner
Wesley Wesle, Wezle Wésle, Wézle
Whitney Hwitne Hwítne
Wilbert Wilbert Wílbert
Wilbur (Wilber) Wilbert Wílber
Wilburn Wilbern Wílbern
Wilda Wilda Wílda
Wiley (Wylie) Wiele Wíele
Wilford Wilferd Wilférd
Wilfred Wilfrad Wílfrad
Will, Willie Wil, Wile Wil, Wíle
Willa Wila Wíla
Willard Wilerd Wílerd
William Wilyam Wílyam
Willis Wilis Wílis
Wilma Wilma Wílma
Wilmer Wilmer Wílmer
Wilson Wilsan Wílsan
Wilton Wiltan Wíltan
Winfield Winfeeld Wínfeeld
Winfred Winfrad Wínfrad
Winifred Winifrad Wínifrad
Winnie Wine Wíne
Winston Winstan Wínstan
Winton Wintan Wíntan
Wolfgang Woolfgaang Wóolfgaang
Woodrow Woodro Wóodro
Wyatt Wieyat Wíeyat
Yale Yail Yail
Yves Eev Eev
Yvette Eevet, Ivet Eevét, Ivét
Yvonne Eevon, Ivon Eevón, Ivón
Zane Zaen Zaen
Zelda Zelda Zélda

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Surname Table

Traditional Spelling Fanetik Augméntad Fanétik
 Abbott Aabat Áabat
Adams Aadamz Áadamz
Allen Aalan Áalan
Anderson Aandersan Áandersan
Bailey Baile Báile
Baker Baeker Báeker
Barnes Bornz Bornz
Bell Bel Bel
Bennett Benat Bénat
Brooks Brooks Brooks
Brown Broun Broun
Butler Butler Bútler
Campbell Kaambal Káambal
Carter Korter Kórter
Clark Klork Klork
Cole Koel Koel
Collins Kolinz Kólinz
Cook(e) Kook Kook
Cooper Kueper Kúeper
Cox Koks Koks
Davis Daevis Dáevis
Edwards Edwerdz Édwerdz
Ellis Elis Élis
Evans Evanz Évanz
Fisher Fisher Físher
Foster Fauster Fáuster
Garcia Gorseeya Gorséeya
Graham Graim, Graeyam Graim, Gráeyam
Gray Grae Grae
Green Green Green
Griffin Grifin Grífin
Hall Haul Haul
Hamilton Haamaltan Háamaltan
Harris Haaris Háaris
Hayes Haez Haez
Henderson Hendersan Héndersan
Hill Hil Hil
Howard Houwerd Hóuwerd
Hughes Hyuez Hyuez
Jackson Jaaksan Jáaksan
James Jaemz Jaemz
Jenkins Jengkinz Jéngkinz
Johnson Jonsan Jónsan
Jones Joenz Joenz
Kelly Kele Kéle
King King King
Lee Le Le
Lewis Luewis Lúewis
Long Laung Laung
Martin Mortin Mórtin
Martinez Morteenes, Morteenez Mortéenes, Mortéenez
McDonald MikDonald MikDónald
Meyer / Myers Mieyer / Mieyerz Míeyer / Míeyerz
Miller Miler Míler
Mitchell Michal Míchal
Moore Muer, Maur Muer, Maur
Morris Moris Móris, Máuris
Murphy Merfe Mérfe
Murray Mure, Mere Múre, Mére
Nelson Nelsan Nélsan
Olson Oelsan Óelsan
Parker Porker Pórker
Patterson Paatersan Páatersan
Perry Pere Pére
Peterson Peetersan Péetersan
Phillips Filips Fílips
Powell Pouwal Póuwal
Price Pries Pries
Reed Reed Reed
Reynolds Renaldz Rénaldz
Richardson Richerdsan Rícherdsan
Roberts Roberts Róberts
Robinson Robinsan Róbinsan
Rodriguez Roedreeges, Rodreegas Roedréeges, Rodréegas
Rogers Rojerz Rójerz
Ross Raus Raus
Russell Rusal Rúsal
Sanders Saanderz Sáanderz
Scott Skot Skot
Simmons Simanz Símanz
Smith Smitth Smitth
Stevens Steevanz Stéevanz
Stewart Stuewert, Styuewert Stúewert, Styúewert
Sullivan Sulivan Súlivan
Taylor Tailer Táiler
Thomas Tomas Tómas
Thompson Tompsan Tómpsan
Turner Terner Térner
Walker Wauker Wáuker
Wallace Wolas Wólas
Ward Waurd Waurd
Watson Wotsan Wótsan
West West West
White Hwiet, Wiet Hwiet, Wiet
Williams Wilyamz Wílyamz
Wilson Wilsan Wílsan
Wood Wood Wood
Wright Riet Riet
Young Yung Yung

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